Why is my Coleman lantern not very bright?

Why is my Coleman lantern not very bright?

Usually a poorly burning lantern or stove will be from not enough fuel or not enough air. If your appliance is not getting the proper amount of fuel, it just won’t get as bright or as hot as it should. If it is starving from air it will not burn hot or bright and often times appear yellow.

What causes a Coleman lantern to pulsate?

Use soapy water to look for leaks around the plunger (blows bubbles). They sell rebuild kits. The other thing that can cause pulsing is a dirty jet. Take the lantern apart and clean fuel jet if plunger doesn’t fix it.

Why does my Coleman lantern flames up?

If the appliance is not started properly, it can become flooded. This usually means that the generator if not hot enough to handle the amount of fuel passing through it, which results raw gas or kerosene being fed to the burner. This collects on the inside of the burner until it ignites into a large flame.

Why does my gas lantern keep going out?

Clean the burner tip regularly by running a piece of floss through the cooled slot in the brass stem. If any debris has settled or is stuck in this pathway, the gas may not be flowing properly, which can cause more frequent blowouts.

Why do lanterns flicker?

all lanterns do hunt/flicker and in some the frequency is unnoticeable and in some you do see it. if it lights easily and pumping does not help and you cleaned all the air tubes it might be a generator. you might try to clean it a bit more by heat and quench, but if the tip is worn there is nothing to do but replace.

How do you clean a Coleman gas lantern?

Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge to clean it. DO NOT use an abrasive scrubber or chemical as you will scratch it and destroy luster. Cleaning glass. Use warm soapy water and a soft rag to clean lamp shades and lantern globes.

How often do you have to pump a Coleman lantern?

As mentioned, you’ll have to pump more when the tank is full, less room for air. As the tank goes down, every 3 hours or so is normal, a little more often with a kerosene lantern. All Coleman gasoline lanterns are “dual fuel” and will burn gasoline just fine.