Why is my TV Guide not working?

Why is my TV Guide not working?

If you’re having issues with the guide: Make sure you’re connected to the internet, with a broadband speed of at least 2Mbps. Close the app fully and restart it. Check for an updated version of the app on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS to see if one is available.

Why does my Freeview keep losing signal?

Freeview reception problems can be caused by many things. For example a fault with your local transmitter, poor installation, the weather, being tuned to the wrong transmitter or (though rarely) interference. All will have a similar result of on screen pixellation or the sound breaking up.

Is there a TV Guide for sling TV?

The new grid guide is being added as option alongside Sling TV’s prior guide, now renamed the “Channel” guide. The grid lets you see what’s on, filter channels by genre, and peek at the upcoming schedule. The feature is launching first on Android devices, and will then roll out to Sling TV’s other platforms.

Why is my guide not working?

Make sure your remote control is in the correct source mode. Press the CBL button on your remote control and then press the Guide or Menu button again. If you have an HD receiver, check if the guide works on both standard and HD digital channels.

Why is my Freeview GuidePlus not working?

Of course doing a factory reset may have reverted to GuidePlus rather than the Freeview EPG. Incomplete guide data can be caused by corrupted data lurking in the memory. Clean out the memory by disconnecting the TV for several hours – preferably over night to see if it may be the problem. .

How to fix Freeview TV Guide freezing?

17-08-2019 14:37 Every time I navigate to TV Guide or a live Freeview channel it freezes and restarts. It’s been doing it for a few days now. Things I’ve tried… 1. Restart 2. Unplug 3. Factory reset None of these have worked.

Why can’t I connect to Freeview Play On my TV?

A problem with your internet connection? Go to the Freeview Play apps page in your TV, then try to launch the player you want to use. If you can still access programmes directly from a player, your internet connection is working. If there’s still a problem, use a smartphone or tablet to test your internet connection.

Why can’t I see catch-up programmes on Freeview Play?

If you can’t see catch-up TV programmes on Freeview Play when you scroll back in the TV Guide, there are three things that could be happening: There may be a problem with your internet connection.