Why VHS learning?

Why VHS learning?

Offer a world of course variety to your students, preparing them to thrive in college and their careers ahead. Join a global community of students and cultivate your curiosity with courses that interest you. Empower your child to succeed and forge ahead with specialized courses at a variety of levels and in a range of disciplines. Why VHS Learning?

How did Kurse die in the comics?

Once Malekith obtained the Aether, Kurse attempted to kill Thor, only to be challenged by Loki whom he then (seemingly) fatally wounded. In his “final” moments, Loki activated one of Kurse’s Black Hole Grenades on his belt and destroyed the Kursed monster’s body once and for all.

Is VHS accredited by the cess?

VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.) is accredited by Middle States Association (CESS), ACS Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and Cognia and our courses are approved by NCAA.