Will Apple make a Wi-Fi router?

Will Apple make a Wi-Fi router?

This week, the company made it official: It will no longer churn out Airport Express, Extreme, or Time Capsule routers. Rather than mourn the end of an era, take the chance to give your home Wi-Fi a boost with one of these newer, better alternatives.

What is Apple wireless router?

Apple’s Time Capsule is essentially an AirPort Extreme wireless router with a built-in hard drive. It offers the same functionality of the AirPort Extreme, but, in addition, makes it easy to back up a Mac using Apple’s Time Machine software.

Which routers does Apple recommend?

Best Wi-Fi routers for Apple devices 2022

  • It just works: Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system.
  • Awesome and affordable: TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX50)
  • Extreme coverage: Linksys MX12600 Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System: AX4200.

How long does an Apple router last?

The average useful life of most routers designed or home use is about 5-6 years, so you have had remarkably good luck with your AirPort.

Do I need to replace my Apple router?

On the first item, if your ISP is providing you with a simple modem, and not, a combination modem/router, or gateway device, you will only need another router to replace the AirPort Extreme. On the other hand, if they are already providing you with a gateway device, then no replacement router would be necessary.

Does Apple sell a modem?

He previously worked as a technology reporter at USA Today. Future iPhones may use Apple’s own wireless modem. Apple, like most major companies selling phones in the US, relies on Qualcomm for the wireless modems it uses in its latest iPhones.

Why did Apple stop making routers?

A 2008 report from Apple Insider showed the AirPort line was the top-selling 802.11n router for “five of the last nine months,” but that was for just that router type, not internet routers as a whole. It makes sense that Apple decided to get out of the router game and focus on devices that sell better.

What can I do with my old Apple router?

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  1. You can try selling them.
  2. Gift them to a friend or relative.
  3. Donate them to whatever cause you wish to support.
  4. Bring them to a local Apple Store for recycling.
  5. Take them to a recycling center near you that work with used electronics.