Will there be a new series of Still Open All Hours?

Will there be a new series of Still Open All Hours?

THE BBC has axed David Jason comedy Still Open All Hours after seven years. The series was a sequel to original comedy, Open All Hours, which starred the late Ronnie Barker and Sir David, 80. “But sadly the show won’t be back.

Did nurse Gladys marry Arkwright?

Gladys can be short-tempered with Arkwright due to his miserly ways and mistreatment of Granville, but she does show concern for their welfare. By the events of Still Open All Hours, Gladys reveals that she and Arkwright didn’t marry before his death, joking that he died “to save the cost of the church”.

How many series are there of Still Open All Hours?


Still Open All Hours
Starring David Jason James Baxter Lynda Baron Stephanie Cole Maggie Ollerenshaw Brigit Forsyth Johnny Vegas Kulvinder Ghir Geoffrey Whitehead Sally Lindsay Tim Healy Sue Holderness Dean Smith Archie Panjabi Nina Wadia
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 6

Why did they stop making Open All Hours?

The series was canceled after just one season of 13 episodes. When Ronnie Barker first saw the script, the character of Arkwright did not have a stutter. David Jason was frustrated when episodes ran long and his part was edited down just to feed Ronnie Barker.

Why is nurse Gladys not in Still Open All Hours?

However, it will be missing one of it’s main characters in the form of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. Actress Lynda Baron cited schedule clashes as the reason she was not able to return to the beloved sitcom, which is rumoured to have already begun filming in Doncaster.

What was the last episode of Still Open All Hours?

Christmas SpecialStill Open All Hours / Latest episode

Will there be a Still Open All Hours Season 7?

After airing more than 40 episodes across six series in seven years, it was rumoured that the show had been cancelled by the BBC. But a spokesperson for the channel said: “There is no truth in this and discussions on future episodes are ongoing.”

How old is Lynda Baron?

82 years (March 24, 1939)Lynda Baron / Age