14 Trade Show Booth Tips Every Business Owner Must Know

14 Trade Show Booth Tips Every Business Owner Must Know

As a small business owner, especially B2B companies, you may be responsible for promoting your brand on a budget. It means you do everything from posting about your products online, distributing pamphlets, and to arranging trade shows to gain clientele.

Trade shows offer business people an opportunity to gain a better sense of consumer taste and learn more about current business trends that will help you develop a presence in the industry. However, setting up and running a trade show can be a scary feat, but when it’s done right, you see your business thrive in this competitive market.

To ensure you’re heading to attend your trade show booth, we have some great tips that will lead you to success.

The Rewards Are Worth It

  1. Make sure it’s worth your while

Before committing to a trade show, do some necessary calculations to make sure it’s worth your investment. Compute your costs and potential for increased business. Analyze the data and ensure that there will be a positive trade show booth ROI (return on investment).

2. Dress right

You must look professional. When choosing attire for the trade show, always select the dress that suits your industry so you can make a good impression. Consider factors like the temperature and choose your clothing accordingly.

3. Be ready to answer questions

The more you and your fellow exhibitors are informed about your company’s product; it will get easy to memorize a sales pitch and to brief customers. Don’t get confused while talking to your visitor, not to mention embarrassing.

4. Prepare a checklist

You may think it extra work, but a list will help you go a long way. You should make an inventory of products, documents, and electronic equipment you’ll need. Moreover, it is advisable to have a list of people you are expecting to have a meeting there and collect pertinent information about them.

5. Be there on time

There are a lot of things to do before the exhibit starts. First, learn the layout of the venue, where concessions and restrooms are, meet with the organizers, and talk with your neighboring exhibitors.

6. Fill your trade show booth with product

Soon the trade show begins; visitors are going to stop by your booth to see the variety of products you have to offer. Display each item nicely and make sure all products are available to view. What if one of your latest designed shirts is only available in the catalog but not physically present? The whole fun is lost. People love to interact with the catalog to learn what you have, and if you’re out stock, they will get a bad impression about your brand.

7. Give Out Samples/Promotional items

Handing out freebies with company logos on them is still a powerful marketing technique for B2Bcompanies. Create stickers, buttons, bracelets, postcards, prototypes, or anything with your brand name on it. Also, think about who is your target audience? Are you reaching teens or adults? Consider developing eye-appealing samples with your logo on it because this effective technique might help you raise your trade show booth ROI. Also, visitors will be reminded of your brand whenever they use them.

*When sending out promotional items, include a free raffle ticket, each ticket having the chance of winning a gift.

8. Create a theme that fits your brand or product

Consider the product of your company, and create a theme accordingly. This is a way to communicate with your potential customers more about your brand non-verbally and will help ensure you reach the desired success in a trade show booth.

9. Spruce up your booth with audio and video elements

No doubt, the power of video integrates with every aspect of marketing. Considering your budget, you may show large, full-motion videos to attract the visitors to your trade show booth. Try to include video presentations to show off your latest products and what’s to come in the future. Use a tool ModLite Monitor Kiosk (trade show display accessories) to display your LCD monitor.

10. Provide hospitality

Be welcoming! Offer free beverages and snacks to your visitors so that they feel overwhelmed and welcomed. It can be as simple as pastries and coffee, or maybe a wireless cell charging station would be enough to attract people.

11. Hire a spokesperson

You can hire a semi-famous personality or a local celebrity to be your brand spokesperson as it will boost your image and attract more visitors. However, if you are tight on your budget it’s better to hire someone in-house who has the best communication skills. Remember, a good sale is all about effective communication.

12. Set goals

Having a questioning mind will help you achieve the most in upcoming events. And for that, you need to set some realistic goals for your business.

Do you need to keep building your target audience or rack up more sales? What does your company want to accomplish at the trade show? Stick to your goals and discuss with your team so that you all stick to one task. Moreover, it will also boost your team’s confidence to interact with each new buyer.

Trade Show Booth Post-show Practices

13. Prepare for follow-ups

It is advisable to follow-up with your valuable buyers as soon as possible-the most crucial part of the trade show process. Try to convert leads into sales by staying in contact with all. You can schedule meetings or make phone calls to talk about your product. Send an e-mail to the buyers you connected with, as this is an essential step to improve your trade show booth ROI. Make every lead count!

14. Compute ROI

Once the show’s over, do uncover its ROI or get experts help to provide analyses. Furthermore, experts can suggest measurable improvements to increase your ROI at trade shows, therefore, it is important choose the best one.