4 Must-Visit Fall Destinations Around the World

4 Must-Visit Fall Destinations Around the World

Summer might be the warmer season, but you can’t beat the sheer beauty and atmosphere of fall. And whereas in the former season you have to contend with swarms of other tourists when you travel, in the fall things are much mellower.

That’s right, fall, not summer, is the perfect travel season. Why, you might ask? For three main reasons: one, the fall foliage and blue skies are incredibly gorgeous; two, it’s never too busy, and expenses like accommodation are often cheaper; and three, the weather is temperate (if a little unpredictable).

The following four destinations exemplify all those reasons why fall is great, and more. So, without further ado, buy yourself an open-ended ticket, pack some snug travel clothing for your bucket list trips and visit each of these amazing fall wonderlands.

New York City, USA

The quintessential fall city, New York is bristling with energy and colors from September all the way through to December. Throw on a fall coat, grab a coffee and a bodega sandwich, and check out Central Park for rows upon rows of golden- and amber-colored leaves.

The muggy heat of the summer can be a little rough in big cities like New York, which are so covered in concrete that the city sometimes feels like a smelly steam room, but the brisk air in the fall clears all that up. And prices for a Manhattan hotel, while still exorbitant, are a little less expensive in the fall compared to summer.

Bled, Slovenia

Whereas New York is known world-round for its fall beauty, this next entry is relatively obscure. Nevertheless, Bled is every bit as beautiful, albeit in different ways. The fairy-tale town of Bled is situated around a lake of the same name, and in the middle of the lake is a small island, upon which sits a medieval church. The whole town is surrounded by the Julian Alps, a tall, striking mountain range.

In fall, the lake is still, the surrounding mountains are still snow-capped and the trees are richly colored. It really is one of the most stunning places in Europe, and yet it remains a secret to many North American travelers.

4 Must-Visit Fall Destinations Around the World

Porto, Portugal

Fall is the season of the grape, and there is nowhere better to celebrate the wine grape harvest than the Douro Valley in Portugal, which produces some of the boldest, best wines in Europe. Start your Douro Valley tour in Porto, an old city famous for its port wine and stunning architecture.

Kyoto, Japan

Japanese culture emphasizes the importance of seasonal change. They respect and celebrate many of the minor seasonal changes, including the first buds of spring and the turning of the leaves in fall. Catch some of the most spectacular foliage in the world in Kyoto, at one of the many ancient temples surrounded by red and yellow Japanese maples. And eat a “Kaiseki” meal, a traditional multi-course fine-dining experience that places emphasis on seasonality, locality and beauty.

For crisp, clear weather, beautiful scenery and relatively few crowds, skip the summer trip and book your ticket for fall!