6 Pieces Of Advice For Choosing A Costume This Year

Choosing a Halloween costume is a big deal, especially if you wait for Halloween all year long. Whether you’re headed to a Halloween party or plan to open the door for trick-or-treaters, the right costume can make or break your night. After all, you want to impress your friends and come up with new costume ideas. To ensure that you choose the best costumes, here are six pieces of advice for choosing Halloween costumes.

1.    Think About Personality

One of the reasons people love Halloween so much is because it is a chance to pretend to be someone else. When you think about it, much of our choices in who we pretend to be on Halloween, are based on our interest in the characteristics of these alter-egos.

So, when you start planning your Halloween costume, you want to think about your shadow self too!

Ask yourself what intrigues you about different costumes and why. From there, create a list of possible men’s Halloween costume ideas costumes so you can choose the best ones for wherever you are this year.

2.    Factor In Your Budget

Not all costumes will be doable if they’re too expensive and elaborate. While you can always shop at secondhand stores, you may not find the best possible costumes for your money.

If you know you’re on a budget, make this Halloween count by choosing costume ideas that will ultimately be more affordable. Remember, concepts are easier to play around with rather than actual characters. For example, there are a lot of fun things you could do to come up with an Angel costume but a character like Jack Skellington may be harder (and more expensive) to pull off. You can still impress everyone you’ll be with on Halloween night with cheap costume ideas.

3.    Avoid Copycat Costumes

If you’re pretty sure that people are going as certain characters from movies or shows this year, don’t make the mistake of going with these ideas too. You’ll feel like your costumes are being compared and judged, which is no fun.

Avoid copycat costumes at all costs! Stick to original ideas that you know no one has thought of yet! Some general themes to stay away from including anything in mainstream pop culture. No popular tv shows or music idols within the last year!

4.    Wear Something Comfortable

Give yourself a break and wear a comfortable costume. Halloween night is typically chilly, and if you’re the life of the party, you’ll probably be out for several hours. Choose warm costumes that are still trendy, or at least bring a jacket! You don’t want to freeze and hate how you feel the entire time you celebrate.

5.    Wear Something Recognizable

The worst thing ever is putting a ton of time and effort into a Halloween costume that no one appreciates. To avoid the question, “What are you supposed to be?” only consider Halloween costume ideas that people will recognize. Your favorite character from an obscure novel probably won’t make the list, so try to find something that the common culture will recognize.

6.    Choose Something Flattering

If we’re honest, the fun of Halloween is dressing up because you think you look good. Set yourself up for success by choosing costumes that look good on you. You deserve to feel confident in your costume this Halloween, so don’t try to be someone you’re not- we see the irony in that!

Stick to breathable, stretchy fabrics so you can eat a belly full of candy without worrying about how you look. Halloween is supposed to be all fun and games, so make it that way with the right costume choice.

The Bottom Line

Happy Halloween, costume people! Choosing a costume for Halloween this year is about maximizing your comfort, budget, and ability to impress your friends and family who see you all dressed up. Have fun with the process and consider how your personality blends into your costume!