7 Cute Wedding Ideas

7 Cute Wedding Ideas

Weddings are a joy. This is your big and you want to share it with others. If you are planning a wedding you’ll want to look for ways to distinguish that day from your friends. Expert wedding decoration supplies can really make a big difference. These cute, fun ideas will make your wedding one remember. Now is the time to get creative and show off your personality in every way.

A Place For The Kids

Like adults, kids love to party. Invite them to your wedding and let them celebrate along with you. There are lots of wonderful ways for a bride and groom to show the kids they want them to participate in this process with them. Think about setting aside a table for the kids with all kinds of crayons, markers, and paper. Kids love things like glittery markers with plenty of sparkles. Ask the kids to write up their own personal greeting to the new couple. Each one of these messages can be put into simple, inexpensive frames that can serve as a personalized keepsake for the kids and the bride and groom.

Food Bars

Everyone loves to customize their own food. Holding a wedding offers you a chance to present your guests with the food they can make their own. For example, you might put in a make your own taco bar. These are an easy way for guests to find the exact kind of food they like the best.

Individual Wild Flowers For Each Table

Every table at the wedding deserves a wow factor. A large gathering of flowers can be exactly that. Think about bringing in flowers from each area of the country. One place might show off the Gold Coast while another celebrates the kind of flowers commonly found near Perth. Use certain colors in each arrangement to unify the bouquets and make it look coherent from every angle.

Clever Drink Ideas

Drinks are an integral part of your celebration. You’ll want to show them off. Provide a lemonade stand where the little ones can get a cold glass on a hot day. Take your favorite canoe or kayak. Set it up in one corner of the pace along with a pile of ice. Place cans of drinks in the boat. People can reach in the space and grab the drinks they want. Place lots of glasses next to the stand and boat so people can share them with others.

Make Your Own Brand New Monogram

If you’re becoming a couple, you’ll want a great symbol of that fact. What better way than a monogram that incorporates both of your names? Combine both of your initials. Take them and look for a charming font. Experiment and see which one you like. Use this to decorate the space. You can put up placemats at each table with your new initials in a decorative pattern. They can also be applied to lots of other spaces like the backs of chairs to bring in something unexpected and interesting. You can choose to cover chair backs with quality linen fabrics and accentuate them with your initials or your wedding color scheme to make the event more intimate for you and your guests

Take up a Theme

Themes allow you to set the tone of the entire wedding. You can set up any theme you like. For example, if you love Harry Potter, you can have a Harry Potter themed wedding complete with the colors of your chosen house. Now it is time to think about what you like and how you can use that idea to create something that’s very amusing for you and all of your guests. Get people into the spirit of what you have in mind by taking it to the next level. Little details like making your own Hogwarts house from your combined names make it memorable.

Make Your Own Wine Bottles

Head to a local printer. Ask them to bring up a wine label of your own. They can help you design something out of the ordinary. This is a good place to use your wedding colors. Ask the local wine shop to provide you with wine bottles that are blank. You can then take these bottles and put your own label on them for your wedding guests to appreciate.