Are Mona and Lisa Wagner identical twins?

Are Mona and Lisa Wagner identical twins?

MonaLisa Twins are a pop rock band, fronted by twin-sister singer-songwriters Mona Wagner (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, harmonica, flute) and Lisa Wagner (vocals, lead guitar, ukulele, cello).

What country are the Mona Lisa twins from?

AustriaMonaLisa Twins / Origin

The core of the band are 20 years old actual twins named Mona and Lisa. Originally from Austria and now based in Liverpool, they started out with cover songs on YouTube and released two CDs with covers in 2007 and 2008.

Where are the MonaLisa twins now?

The Monalisa Twins are an awesome family band who come from Vienna, Austria. They are a pop-rock band led by real-life twin sisters Mona and Lisa Wagner. Mona & Lisa are originally from Austria but currently live in Liverpool, England.

Who sang Baby you can drive my car?

SziámiBaby, You Can… / Artist

Is Lisa Wagner married?

Wagner, 30, was born in California and raised in Seattle. She has lived with her husband, Marty Fischbach, an airline pilot and Glen Burnie native, in Annapolis for four years.

How old is the Mona Lisa twins?

The MonaLisa Twins, with 25-year-old actual twins Mona and Lisa Wagner fronting the band, are one of the very few modern groups who continue the tradition of song-writing that took off in 1963.

Who wrote Drive My Car Beatles?

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Drive My Car/Lyricists

Who played lead guitar on And Your Bird Can Sing?

“And Your Bird Can Sing” contains an extended harmony-lead guitar melody, played by Harrison and McCartney. The latter recalled that he and Harrison wrote the part during the recording sessions. McCartney also stated that he helped on the lyrics and attributed the song “80–20” to Lennon.

What guitar did George Harrison play on Drive My Car?

George Harrison – Rhythm Guitar (1961 Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster), Harmony Vocals. John Lennon – Lead and Harmony Vocals.

Who wrote the riff for And Your Bird Can Sing?

Paul McCartney claims to have helped Lennon write the song. ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ was John’s song. I suspect that I helped with the verses because the songs were nearly always written without second and third verses. I seem to remember working on that middle eight with him but it’s John’s song, 80-20 to John.