Are roller tip rockers any good?

Are roller tip rockers any good?

Besides the potential power benefits of an increase in rocker ratio, roller rockers have several additional power-adding advantages compared with a stamped rocker. The advertised ratio of aftermarket roller-tip rockers is more accurate than the claimed ratio of typical stock stamped rockers.

How long will roller rockers last?

Used on a daily driven engine with a stock valvetrain, the rockers will last approximately 20,000-30,000 miles with regular oil changes. Since you run your engines for 250,000-plus miles, you would end up replacing aluminum rockers quite often.

What’s better 1.5 or 1.6 roller rockers?

Those results found the 1.6 rockers making more than 20 hp over the stock 1.5 rockers. But, that engine was equipped with a smaller cam than this one, and it seemed to really need the additional lift and duration afforded by the higher ratio.

Can you put roller rockers on stock heads?

You might consider the CompCams roller tip rockers designed to be used with the stock Ford heads. Most other full up roller rockers require the screw-in studs. I had the CompCams units on my 302 until my recent rebuild and on my 351W right now. They never gave problems and provided a 1.6 lift ratio.

Are aluminum roller rockers good?

Comp’s aluminum roller rockers provided the best dyno numbers. They were a good match for our dyno mule’s peak power and rpm ranges.

Does a roller cam need roller rockers?

To sum up, an engine may be equipped with a roller camshaft, regardless of the style of rocker arm. By the same token, pivot-roller or full-roller rocker arms may be used regardless of camshaft design. Or roller camshafts and roller rockers may be used in combination.

How much more lift does 1.6 Rockers add?

With a 1.6:1 rocker, this gives us 0.508-inch valve lift at max lift, an increase of 0.031 inch. It doesn’t sound like much, yet it was enough to show a sizeable gain, mainly because it increases the amount of time that the valves are open at higher lifts, allowing more air to flow through the heads.

Can you use roller rockers with hydraulic lifters?

The two don’t necessarily need to be used together. Roller camshafts and lifters can be used in an engine that features nonroller rockers; by the same token, roller rocker arms can be used in an engine that features a flat-tappet solid or hydraulic camshaft.

What are the advantages of roller rockers?

A more obvious benefit of installing roller rockers is that of reduced friction and wear. The stock rockers slide over the end of the valve stem putting a considerable amount of side pressure on the stem. This creates friction and wears the stem and guide.