Are shore excursions included on Oceania Cruises?

Are shore excursions included on Oceania Cruises?

Voyages up to 9 days receive 4 free shore excursions; 10-13 days receive 6 free shore excursions; 14+ days receive 8 free shore excursions. If shore excursion amenity is selected, all excursions must be chosen at least 14 days prior to sailing. Cruise-Only Fares do not include OLife Choice amenities or airfare.

Is food free on Oceania Cruises?

Onboard we NEVER CHARGE a dining supplement in our exquisite specialty restaurants. Oceania Cruises guests always enjoy FREE and unlimited soft drinks, bottled water, specialty coffees, teas and juices.

Are drinks free on Oceania Cruises?

Oceania also offers Wine by the Bottle packages; a seven-bottle package goes for $47.50 each, gratuity included. All cruises include complimentary select wines and spirits, beer, soft drinks, bottled water, and hot beverages served throughout the ship.

Can you bring your own wine on Oceania Cruises?

Can I bring booze onboard an Oceania cruise? Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Passengers may not bring their own beer or liquor onboard, but may bring a maximum of three bottles of wine or Champagne per cabin for the duration of a cruise (this includes embarkation and purchasing onshore during a port call).

How can I sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship?

How To Sneak Booze on a Cruise Ship

  1. Rum Runner Flasks are Your Best Friend. These things were created expressly for sneaking booze onto a cruise.
  2. Mouthwash Mojitos.
  3. Buy Decoy Bottles.
  4. Hide In Plain Sight.
  5. Restock at Foreign Liquor Stores.
  6. Seduce a Bartender.

Why choose Oceania Cruises for your shore excursion?

Discover the best of the local culture, history, cuisine and natural wonders with Oceania Cruises’ shore excursion packages, all while saving up to 40% off à la carte retail prices.

How much do excursions cost on Oceania?

We could pick excursions “up to $199” but many ports didn’t have any of these, and some excursions were under $100. We averaged about $130 per excursion, which we paid $100 each for, but do note they are overpriced to start with. You could easily book these same excursions on your own outside of Oceania for cheaper.

What shore excursions and tours are available?

Discover your perfect shore excursions and tours below, including Culinary Discovery Tours™, Food & Wine Trails Tours, Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar and new Go Local tours.

How do I purchase the Oceania Cruises Travel Protection Program?

To purchase the Oceania Cruises ® Travel Protection Program, all you need to do is pay for the plan cost before making your final cruise payment. The Trip Cancellation provisions take effect upon receipt of payment. All other provisions take effect upon the departure date.