Are there console commands in Black Mesa?

Are there console commands in Black Mesa?

All Console Commands In Black Mesa (2022) To access the console commands in Black Mesa, go to your library. Here, right-click on your mouse to go to the Properties option. Click on the Set Launch Options button. You will now find a textbox.

How do you enter cheats on Black Mesa?

The best solution is to right click on the Black Mesa icon in your play list and then click on the tab. Properties. Once done, click on the general tab then go to Set launch options…. Enter the order -console then validate and exit the window Properties.

How do you get ammo in Black Mesa?

If you want to give yourself ammo you can always enable cheats by typing “sv_cheats 1” and “impulse 101” into the console (default key is ~). For reference, these are the changes in reserve ammo from Half-Life to Black Mesa: Glock 17: Originally 250; reduced to 150.

How do you Noclip in hl1?

/Noclip – No Clipping (Walk Through Walls, Etc.)…Cheat Codes

  1. Start Half-life Using The Command Line “Hl.exe -console”. You Can Now Access The Console Using The “~” Key.
  2. Enter The Command “Sv_cheats 1” In The Console. Cheats Are Now Enabled.
  3. Here’s A Partial List Of Cheats.

Where is the revolver in Black Mesa?

In Blue Shift, the player finds the weapon in the chapter Captive Freight next to a dead security guard near a Black Mesa SUV.

Does Black Mesa have a gravity gun?

Alyx introduces the Gravity Gun to Gordon at Black Mesa East.

How do you fly half life?


  1. To fly on a supply crate, you’ll simply have to flip it, so the bottom of the crate would face the sky.
  2. Then just simply jump on it, press and hold your Wallclimbing key, or rapidly jump off and re-grab the object. You’ll also have to hold your Forward key during the flight.

Can you shoot a Desert Eagle underwater?

If the Desert Eagle is shot underwater once it becomes unusable for the rest of the game. The Desert Eagle shares its ammo with Colt Python, which becomes evident if the latter is obtained via console commands in Half-Life: Opposing Force.

What is the revolver in Half Life?

The Colt Python’s first appearance, in Half-Life. The Python is a double-action revolver which fires six rounds. It is very powerful, but it has a long reload time and low rate of fire.

Is the Physics Gun in Half-Life 2?

The Physgun, or Physics Gun, is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2, first seen at E3, 2003. It can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta. It is the predecessor to the Gravity Gun.

How do I enable console in Black Mesa?

Black Mesa Console Commands & Cheat Codes-How to enable the Cheats Console and the full list of cheats, codes and console commands. There are two ways to open console: 1st method: Right click on Black Mesa in your library > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type: -console > Launch the game > Once the game is loaded Type: bind p toggleconsole

How do you restart a chapter in Black Mesa?

if you cant open the console, do right click on black mesa game, propeties, set lauch options and type -console.. when you start the game the console will be open.. You can restart a chapter from the New Game menu.

How do you cheat on Black Mesa?

To activate Black Mesa’s console commands or cheat mode, you have to: Press tilde (~) key on your keyboard, type SV_Cheats 1 and press enter to activate the console To use a code, hit the tilde key again (~) followed by the console command you want to implement and press enter to activate it.

How do I create my own equipment in Black Mesa?

To create your own equipment using the Black Mesa console command, enter npc_create_equipment, hit the space bar and type one of the following codes to create the equipment you want. Remember to hit enter to get the code working weapon_mp5: MP5.