Are Velo bike seats good?

Are Velo bike seats good?

The Velo Elastomer Bicycle Saddle provides excellent support on your sit bones with almost no pressure to the perineum area. Overall, it is an excellent saddle for a hybrid, cruiser, or exercise bicycle. It is very, very comfortable!

How are bike saddles made?

The foam is cut using heavy blades along the contours of the shell and moves down and around the edges of the shell. The foam is attached to the plastic shell using a spray adhesive applied using an air compressor and spray gun. These foam seats are applied to the shell by hand, one seat at a time.

Are ISM saddles comfortable?

Even though our ISM saddles look radical and different, they are the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever ridden. I’ve found comfort in the ISM Breakaway model.

Are Noseless bikes comfortable?

Noseless saddles don’t rub against the thighs, and they balance your weight on the seat. As a result, they reduce excess pressure on the perineum area, which causes perineum numbness, tingling, and pain. So, yes, noseless saddles are comfortable.

Why is a saddle called a saddle?

Bicycle seats were originally called saddles. The hobby horse didn’t have any pedals, as the rider pushed their feet against the ground and rode in the saddle. Most historians consider the hobby horse (wooden draisine) to be the starting point for our modern-day bicycle.

What is the best Velo saddle?

Angel As Velo’s flagship models, the Angel series combines Velo’s patented Y-Cut and ArcTech technologies to create the highest blend of comfort and performance available in a saddle. The open Y-Cut allows for ventilation and pressure relief, while the ArcTech rails provide additional flexibility perfect for long and short rides alike.

Why choose a Velo enterprise saddle?

Velo Enterprise began with founder Stella Yu’s vision to create perfect saddles for all types of demanding cyclists. In 1979, Stella Yu founded Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist.

How long has Velo been making saddles?

For more than 40 years, Velo has continuously focused on the design and production of various types of saddles. “I have been riding Velo Saddles for nearly ten years. They started out great and have only become better through the years. The new Angel line is superb, but my personal favorite is the Senso TT.

Who is Velo?

In 1979, Stella Yu founded Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist. Velo now looks back at over 40 years of consistent development and learning from this experience.