Can French and Spanish understand each other?

Can French and Spanish understand each other?

Possibly. If they have a language in common. If the Spanish speaking person speaks French then the French speaking person will understand them, and vice versa. Likewise if a Spanish speaking person, and a French speaking person both speak English then they will understand each other.

How can I learn Spanish on my computer?

Best learn Spanish online courses 2022

  1. Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone helps users learn Spanish more quickly and effectively.
  2. Duolingo. Duolingo is a superb free option for learning any language.
  3. Rocket Languages. A superb audio course for Spanish learners.
  4. Babbel.
  5. Mondly.
  6. News In Slow Spanish.
  7. Fluenz Spanish.
  8. Pimsleur.

Is Rosetta Stone effective for Spanish?

Summary: In a nutshell Rosetta Stone Spanish works best for beginners who want a basic grasp of the language. Some say this helps you learn a language naturally, while others think this is a useless way to learn Spanish. Rosetta Stone has been shown to be effective.

How do you say I don’t speak Spanish I speak English?

a. No hablo español; hablo inglés. I don’t speak Spanish; I speak English.

How do you say I don’t understand what you’re saying in Spanish?

No entiendo – I do not understand This is the classic way to say “I don’t understand” in Spanish. You can also say, “no entendí,” which means “I did not understand.”

Can all Spanish speakers understand each other?

While originally brought by the Spanish colonizers, in Latin America Spanish has adopted many words from native languages and from others such as English. While there are many dialects spoken in the Americas, speakers of almost all can understand each other without major difficulties.

How do you say I understand what you’re saying in Spanish?

I understand what you are saying. Comprendo lo que dice.

Is it hard to teach a computer to translate languages?

If translation challenges people, imagine how tricky it can be when teaching a computer to do it. And it has been hard. But programmers have been making great strides lately in helping electronic brains interpret “foreign” languages. Here we look at many of the obstacles they’ve had to hurdle.

Can Cortana speak more than English?

Although Cortana’s native language is English, she is not limited to just that. She can understand and speak other languages too. For each of the languages she knows, she is able to adapt not only her voice and speech style, but also the information that she offers users. You may want to know how to change Cortana’s language.

Can I change Cortana’s default language to Spanish?

For example, if Windows 10’s and Cortana’s current language is English (United States), you cannot change Cortana’s language to Spanish. Still, you can make her use the English spoken in other supported regions, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or India. Did you change Cortana’s default language?

Are computer programmers translating?

Laura Brandon works in Seattle, Wash., where she is director of the Globalization and Localization Association. It’s the international trade association for translation companies. Computer programmers have been building computer-based language translators since the 1960s, she notes. “The big development these days,” she observes, “is neural MT.