Can I get my real ID at AAA California?

Can I get my real ID at AAA California?

AAA members can now apply for their Real ID at select auto club locations, including one in San Diego, through a new pilot program in partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles. To get the Real ID card through AAA, members will have to fill out the application and upload documents to the DMV’s Real ID website.

How much does a California REAL ID cost?

1. How much does it cost? The California Department of Motor Vehicles charges $38 for a Real ID or a regular license.

Can I renew my license at AAA in California?

AAA cannot assist with driver’s license or ID services including, but not limited to driver’s license renewals, replacements, and/or DMV printouts. These transactions must be handled at the DMV.

Where is the AAA office in Torrance CA?

Hours Guide AAA Auto Club California Torrance 90505. 23001 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, California 90505. (888) 290-4316.

What services are available at the DMV in Torrance CA?

Most services are available online with the DMV or with a DMV-authorized partner! Kiosks are self-serve stations where you can complete certain registration services and request driver or vehicle records. The range of services varies by kiosk location. 5035 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance, CA 90505

Is there a AAA office on Hawthorne?

I’m so impressed with the AAA office on Hawthorne! I was planning to go to the DMV & suffer through a miserable experience but then I heard that I could pay my registration, change my address, get my license plates and new stickers at AAA.

Do I need AAA to use AAA roadside assistance?

PS: You must be a AAA member (roadside is sufficient) to use their services. Can not advise anyone to use AAA. After more than 21 years as a loyal member, I called it quits. Several things turned me off. Remember after a few years of having insurance with them, additional to the membership and towing service already having.