Can I go to Great America without a reservation?

Can I go to Great America without a reservation?

Reservations are no longer required for any guest, but you are encouraged to purchase tickets or Season Passes online in advance for your visit.

Can I buy Great America tickets at the gate?

You can have your tickets printed for you at Guest Services at the front gate. You will need photo I.D., the credit card you used to purchase the e-ticket, and your confirmation number.

Does Great America have a family pass?

A Gold Pass from California’s Great America, one of Northern California’s best family entertainment values, delivering four seasons of fun in six easy payments of just $15.50. The pass pays for itself in just two visits and the park is open from late March through December 30.

What is the best day to go to Great America?

Weekdays – Great America starts opening on weekdays in mid-May, and they are perhaps some of the best days of the year to visit the park. Crowds are usually light. Weekends – Weekends in May are traditionally crowded and it only gets busier toward the end of the month. Sundays are typically least crowded.

Is Great America Fast Pass worth it?

Fast lane pass is worth the $! Overall, the park is pretty dated (I haven’t been in the water park- think it is newer), but still fun. We only go a couple times a year and have one child so for us the fast lane is great (she is 10). Went on opening day, rode everything more than once, and Gold Rush more than 5 times.

Can I bring a backpack to Great America?

California’s Great America is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our guests and associates. All guests arriving at the park are electronically scanned with a handheld “wand” and/or metal detector. Guests are also asked to open any backpacks, purses or waist packs for a brief examination.

Can you go to Gilroy Gardens with a Great America Gold Pass?

California’s Great America – Gold Pass valid for entry to Gilroy Gardens [email protected] Halloween Event and Holiday Lights. Canada’s Wonderland – Gold Pass does not include Parking. Cedar Point-Gold Pass is good for entry to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Only.