Can I hide my league stats?

Can I hide my league stats?

New League of Legends feature will allow players to hide rank & match history. Riot Games has implemented a new private profile feature that allows players to hide their gameplay stats, match history, and rank that they are currently testing before it hits live servers.

How do I make my League of Legends profile private?

How to Make Your League of Legends Account Private

  1. Click on the ‘settings’ button which can be found at the top right corner of your client.
  2. Goi to the ‘general’ tab.
  3. Enable the setting called ‘Make my profile private’

When did I first play League of Legends?

Right click the desktop icon, and go to properties. Somewhere there you can find the date you installed it, that is if you haven’t had to re-install at all. Problem is that this is my second PC and I played more than a half of my total playtime on my last PC.

What happened to LolKing?

League of Legends content site LolKing has long been one of the preeminent destinations for champion guides and solo queue analysis. But on October 15, it will be shut down for good, the site announced last night. After the site was founded in 2012, it became one of the go-to destinations for solo queue statistics.

What happened to LolKing Reddit?

Lolking died when they gave their site a new design and it slowed everything down.

How many new LoL players are there?

How Many People Play League of Legends? – UPDATED 2022 (January)

League of Legends Player Count Avg. Monthly Players Average Daily Players
2019 82,000,000 2,733,333
2020 110,000,000 3,666,666
2021 115,000,000 3,833,333
Last 30 days 104,000,000 3,466,666

How do I not appear on op GG?

Once you start a League of Legends match, the OP.GG app will search for your match. Show or hide the app in-game at any time using the app’s hotkey (default: Ctrl+Space).

Is ML still popular?

Player count As of September 2021, Mobile Legends is still the undisputed most popular MOBA with a monthly average of 80 million players.

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