Can I use SmartGit for free?

Can I use SmartGit for free?

SmartGit can be used free of charge by Open Source developers, teachers and their students, or for hobby, non-paid usage.

How can I use SmartGit without a license?

To switch to the non-commercial version:

  1. exit SmartGit.
  2. clear everything inside SmartGit’s settings directory (see the documentation)
  3. restart SmartGit and select the non-commercial option.

How do I change my SmartGit license?

Remove settings file and change option to Non Commercial.. Now save the file and start Smartgit. You will have all repositories and other preferences and you will be asked for set the type of license.

How do I tell what version of SmartGit I have?

You can add a PPA that provides a relatively current version of SmartGit(as well as SmartGitHg, the predecessor of SmartGit). For more information, see Eugene San PPA. If anyone else finds this, make sure you do sudo apt-get install smartgithg (don’t forget hg on the end) this way you will get the latest version.

How do I use SmartGit?

How To Use SmartGit In Ubuntu

  1. Install SartGit For Linux Ubuntu. Download SmartGit Linux achieves from SmartGit official website. Unzip the download file to a local folder.
  2. Use SmartGit To Clone Repository. Open a terminal and execute the shell command in the smartgit/bin folder. $ ./smartgit.

How do I remove SmartGit from my Mac?

Step 2: Launch Finder on your Mac, and click Applications in the Finder sidebar. Step 3: Search for SmartGit 17.0. 5 in the /Applications folder, then drag its icon to the Trash icon located at the end of the Dock, and drop it there.

Is SmartGit good?

SmartGit is a powerful, yet extremely user-friendly, Git repository client for Windows. With SmartGit, you can easily access a Planio Git repository without ever having to use the command line! You can also sync a local folder with the repository hosted on Planio. A great Git app for Windows users!

How do you commit in SmartGit?


  1. Click Commit.
  2. Select the files you want to push. If you want to select all of them, right-click and select Select All.
  3. Add a commit message, then click Commit & Push.
  4. Go to your repository. You should see your files.

How do I uninstall Smartgit?

  1. Install and Uninstall SmartGit on Ubuntu.
  2. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eugenesan/ppa sudo apt-get update.
  3. sudo apt-get install smartgit.
  4. sudo apt-get install smartgithg.
  5. $ sudo apt install // $ sudo apt install ~/Downloads/smartgit-8_0_3.deb.
  6. $ sudo dpkg -i

How do I run SmartGit?

How do I uninstall SmartGit?

How long can I use a smartgit license?

If you purchase a Single Payment license with 1/2/3 years of updates, you can use any SmartGit version which we release up to 1/2/3 years after the purchase as long as you like on the operating systems supported by these versions. For newer operating systems it might be necessary to purchase renewal licenses.

What is smartgit for Git?

One for All. SmartGit assists Git newbies as well as it makes experienced developers more productive. SmartGit has the same intuitive user interface on Windows, macOS and Linux: Use your SmartGit license on as many machines and operating systems you like. Interacting with popular platforms.

How to install a non commercial version of smartgit?

After running ./bin/, another folder was created called .smartgit (note the . prefix). I simply deleted the .smartgit folder (the dir tree with all the .xml files) and ran the ,/bin/ script again. The whole install process is repeated. Select the non commercial option when it appears.

How do I add more users to my smartgit subscription license?

Please upload your SmartGit license file and change the number of licenses to the overall required license count. To add more users to your subscription license, please contact our sales team with the email address used for your subscription and the increased overall license count.