Can I use Suica in Japanese?

Can I use Suica in Japanese?

The Suica can be used not only for JR East trains, but subways and buses as well. See the Suica Map for transportation systems you can use with the Suica. The Suica can also be used to pay for things with e-money. For traveling in Japan, the Suica makes a more pleasant trip.

What country is Suica in?

Suica (Japanese: スイカ, Suika) is a prepaid rechargeable contactless smart card, electronic money used as a fare card on train lines in Japan, launched on November 18, 2001….Suica.

Location Kantō region, Sendai area, Niigata area
Validity JR East Pasmo routes
Retailed JR East stations

What is the difference between Suica and Pasmo?

The only difference between PASMO and SUICA is who sells them. SUICA is from JR East, and PASMO is from Tokyo-area non-JR rail operators, including Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Wherever you can use SUICA, you can use PASMO, and vice versa. Same with charging with new amounts.

Can you get money back from Suica?

Suica refunds can only be done at East Japan Railway Company (JR East) stations where Suica cards are issued. If you leave the greater Tokyo area, you can use your Suica card but cannot be refunded. Keep this in mind if you’re planning to travel around Japan.

How do you use Osaifu Keitai?

Osaifu-Keitai allows you to pay by simply holding the FOMA terminal up to the scanning device at stores. Also, use the Osaifu-Keitai as point cards or coupons.

What does Suica mean in Japanese?

Super Urban Intelligent Card
Suica is short for Super Urban Intelligent Card. It also stands for “Suisui ikeru IC card,” which is Japanese for “IC card that lets you go swiftly.” First issued by the East Japan Railway Company in November 2001, Suica cards can currently be used in Tokyo and surrounding areas, as well as in the Sendai area.

Can you use Pasmo in Tokyo?

Pasmo cards are IC cards rigged up for prepaid use in the Tokyo metropolitan area’s subways, trains, buslines and streetcars. They are easy to get hold of and use, and their coverage is great: they work on both JR (Japan Railways) and private train lines in and around Tokyo.

Can IC card be used in Tokyo?

Suica and Pasmo are the IC cards most often used in the Tokyo area and eastern Japan. For Pasmo, you should go to any ticket office that is not JR. Otherwise, you can use either Suica or Pasmo on any train, subway, or bus line in the Tokyo area and eastern Japan.

How do I get my PASMO refund?

If you’re using Pasmo or another card, you’ll need to go to one of their ticket offices, such as stations along the Tokyo Metro and the Keisei or Toei subway lines. You can also get a refund at the Keikyu Line ticket office at Haneda Airport and the Keisei Line ticket office at Narita Airport.

How do I return my IC card to Japan?

Bring your card to the ticket counter of the issuing operator in order to get back your 500 yen deposit. Unused credit can also be refunded, however, most companies will subtract a 220 yen handling fee from the remaining balance to be refunded.

What is Suica (スイカ)?

Suica (スイカ) is an e-money card by JR East. It can be used for train and buses in Japan. Moreover, you can use it to pay at many stores, beverage vending machines, coin-operated locker, taxi and more! Also there is another e-money card called Pasmo. This one is by Tokyo Metro, yet it can be used for the same purpose as Suica.

Where can I buy a Suica card in Japan?

You can buy a prepaid Suica card at Haneda or Narita, as well as from JR East ticket machines at train stations—just look for the machines displaying the Suica symbol. You can also buy them at JR East Travel Service Centers.

Where can the Suica be used?

The Suica can be used wherever the below logos are displayed. looking for change. The Suica can be loaded and used as many times as desired. The Suica can be loaded up to a maximum of 20,000 yen at Automatic Ticket Vending Machines and Fare Adjustment Machines displaying the Suica mark.

Can I use my Suica on the Shinkansen?

If the balance is insufficient, however, you will need to add more money to your Suica. Additional tickets must be purchased to use the Suica for travel on a limited express, express or Green Car. The Suica cannot be used for travel on the Shinkansen.