Can Jeevan Pramaan be done at home?

Can Jeevan Pramaan be done at home?

To avail this service, one has to download the Doorstep Banking App on their mobile phone from Google Playstore, or visit the website Thereafter, the pensioner has to enter their bank and place their request to avail doorstep banking service for submission of life certificate.

Can Jeevan Pramaan be done at post office?

The Pension Disbursing Agencies process the DLC of the pensioners. The PDAs can register on the Jeevan Pramaan Portal to access the Life Certificates on-line. This account sign up facility has been created for the PDAs (Banks, Post Office etc), to process pension orders.

Can Jeevan Pramaan be done at any bank?

The banks in the alliance include State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab & Sind Bank, UCO Bank and Union Bank of India.

Can life certificate be submitted in any branch of Indian Bank?

Please note that Life certificate can be recorded online with any of our branches. Automatically, the status on submission of Life Certificate by the Pensioner would be updated.

Can Non Home Branch submit life certificate?

Life certificate can be recorded by any home & non home branches if the pensioner physically appears before the branch. 2. Pensioners can submit Life Certificate online from home through Jeevan Pramaan Portal .

Can I submit LIC life certificate online?

These people need not visit a LIC branch to submit their life certificate, they can easily submit it online by downloading the newly launched mobile app called LIC Jeevan Saakshya. This app can be used to submit a digital life certificate to continue receiving pension on time.

Who can authorize life certificate?

2. A pensioner/family pensioner not residing in India in respect of whom his duly authorized agent produces a life certificate signed by a Magistrate, a Notary, a Banker or a Diplomatic Representative of India is exempted from personal appearance.

Can I submit life certificate online?

Life certificates can be submitted digitally via the Jeevan Pramaan website ( or the app. After a successful authentication, the Jeevan Pramaan portal will send an SMS to the registered mobile number, which carries the life certificate ID.

Can I use mobile fingerprint scanner for Jeevan Pramaan?

You cannot use your phone’s fingerprint sensor for generating Jeevan Pramaan Id.

How can I submit Jeevan Pramaan at home?

Registration Process

  1. Open the Jeevan Pramaan app in your device.
  2. Select the option for new registration.
  3. Enter the required details such as Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order, Bank Account, Bank name and your mobile number.
  4. Click on send OTP to generate an OTP and send it to the mentioned mobile number.

Can I submit life certificate now?

Deadline for government pensioners to submit their annual life certificate, also known as Jeevan Pramaan Patra, has been extended until February 28, 2022 from the previous deadline of December 31, 2021.

Can I use mobile Fingerprint scanner for Jeevan Pramaan?