Can LED lights be used in freezer?

Can LED lights be used in freezer?

LEDs don’t like heat; the higher temperatures ruin their lifespan. However, an appliance rated LED can be fridge and freezer-friendly. Be sure to double check the rating and that the bulb is the same wattage equivalency as whatever incandescent brethren came before it.

Are 3157 and 3757 bulbs interchangeable?

the 3757 won’t fit into the 3157. both bulbs are the same watts and volts.

Do LED lights work in extreme cold?

Unlike traditional lighting, LEDs actually thrive in cold weather, and are just as efficient as they are in any other environmental conditions. This translates to more energy-efficient lighting, as LEDs require a lot less energy use that results in carbon emissions and higher electric bills.

Why do LED light stay lit when switched off?

In contrast to incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps an LED lamp has a high resistance due to the integrated power supply unit. The serial connection of the glow lamp closes the circuit even when the switch is turned off. As a consequence a low voltage drop appears to the LED driver so the LED still lights up weakly.

What is the wattage of a 3457 light bulb?

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Is the 3357/3457 bulb legal on the road?

The 3357/3457 bulb provides bright, white light and is easy to install. Legal for on road use. To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide / Sylvania Bulb Replacement Guide.

Why choose 3357/4157 long life bulbs?

These bulbs offer increased longevity, and have been engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration. Thanks to their robust filament construction and proprietary gas mixture, the 3357/4157 Long Life bulbs live longer – which means you save time and money buying fewer replacements.

What is the difference between the 3457 and the 3157?

The 3457 differs from the 3157 in that the major filament (the “stop” function, vs. the minor filament’s “rear position”, or “tail” function) is 503lm instead of 402lm. This is 25% more output. However, don’t expect to be blown away by the difference, especially standing up close to them.