Can students Archive classes on Google classroom?

Can students Archive classes on Google classroom?

When you’re done teaching a class, you can archive it. When a class is archived, it’s archived for all students and teachers in the class. If you don’t archive a class, students and teachers in the class continue to see it on their Classes page.

How can I share a fillable PDF?

How to distribute fillable PDF forms using Acrobat XI

  1. Open your prepared PDF form.
  2. Open the Forms panel in the Tools pane and click Distribute.
  3. Click Email and then click Continue.
  4. Click Send using Adobe Acrobat and click Next.
  5. Add e-mail addresses, review the default Subject and Message and then click Send.

Can students edit PDF in Google Classroom?

@Susan: Students can edit PDFs, that are added to assignments in Google Classroom. While creating assignments, you can select the option, “students can edit file—All students share the same file and can make changes to it”.

How do you write on an assignment in Google Classroom?

Write and save notes

  1. Tap Classroom. the class.
  2. Open the assignment for the file you want to write on.
  3. On the Your work card, tap Expand .
  4. Choose an option:
  5. In the top-right corner, tap Edit .
  6. Make any notes or drawings.
  7. Choose an option to save your notes:
  8. Choose an option to discard your changes:

How do students write pdfs in Google Classroom?

Via Classroom using Drive: Open the PDF in Classroom, then select the arrow/box button in the upper right corner to open the file in Drive. In Drive, click the 3 vertical dots in the right upper corner, and select either “Send a Copy” or “Open in” and select the app you want to use to Annotate the file.

How do students submit assignments on Google Classroom mobile?

Turn in a quiz assignment

  1. Tap Classroom .
  2. Tap the class Classwork.
  3. Tap the quiz file and answer the questions.
  4. In the quiz, tap Submit.
  5. In Classroom, on the Your work card, tap Expand .
  6. (Optional) To add a private comment to your teacher, tap Add private comment enter your comment tap Post .
  7. Tap Mark as done and confirm.

How do students use classroom apps?

What can you do with the Google Classroom mobile app?

  1. Create or join a class.
  2. Make announcements and post comments to assignments.
  3. Send e-mails to your students.
  4. Access your class’s Google Drive.
  5. View whether your students have completed assignments or not.
  6. Reset or disable your class code.