Can there be 2 Answers to Sudoku?

Can there be 2 Answers to Sudoku?

The short answer is no. While people commonly think that Sudokus can only have one unique solution, any puzzle with seven or fewer starting clues must mathematically have multiple solutions. This is because in these Sudoku puzzles there cannot be a clue for every digit from 1 to 9 in the initial clue.

What is swordfish pattern in Sudoku?

A Swordfish is a 3 by 3 nine-cell pattern where a candidate is found on three different rows (or three columns) and they line up in the opposite direction. Eventually we will fix three candidates somewhere in those cells which excludes all other candidates in those units.

What is a skyscraper in Sudoku?

A Skyscraper is a simple pattern that occurs rather often in sudokus and can be easily spotted. It is nothing really new: A Skyscraper is a special form of Turbot Fish and it can be seen as two Sashimi X-Wings. The description of the pattern sounds more complicated than it really is: Concentrate on one digit.

How is Sudoku scored?

Sudoku scoring includes two bonus multipliers that vary by level, one for difficulty and one for time. Final score is calculated with the percentage of puzzle completed without errors (or help) multiplied by difficulty bonus + time bonus.

What is an XYZ wing in Sudoku?

The XYZ-Wing is an enhanced version of an XY-Wing: Now the pivot contains not only candidates X and Y but Z as well. Consequently Z can only be eliminated from cells that see not only the pincers, but the pivot as well.

How difficult is a Sudoku?

– It’s timed, and I can pause while I need to take care of things. When it pauses it covers the puzzle. So I don’t feel like I’m cheating. – I know they check the puzzles beforehand so that there are NEVER duplicate solutions to one puzzle. – I can accumulate an average by playing all 3 puzzles, easy, me

How to determine Sudoku puzzle difficulty?

Rotation. Here’s the same grid rotated clockwise by one quarter turn.

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  • Transposition. And again; we can swap entire rows with each other,as long as they’re within the same block group,and the puzzle remains logically the same.
  • Ciphering
  • How to solve irregular Sudoku?

    Sudoku XY-Wing Solves Difficult Sudoku Puzzles. A Sudoku XY-Wing pattern occurs in many of the more difficult Sudoku puzzles. Your ability to identify and solve this pattern will often break the logjam and lead you to the solution of a challenging Sudoku game.

    Easy = 180 seconds;

  • Medium = 360 seconds;
  • Hard = 540 seconds;
  • Expert = 720 seconds