Can two films have the same name?

Can two films have the same name?

Yes. You will have to buy the copyright of that movie before you can use it. But you can change the name a bit and use it like “The last Godfather” will be a legal name(just an example).

Why do movies come out in pairs?

Twin films are films with the same, or very similar, plot produced or released at the same time by two different film studios. The phenomenon can result from two or more production companies investing in similar scripts around the same time, resulting in a race to distribute the films to audiences.

Which movie came first Armageddon or Deep Impact?

Twenty years ago, dueling asteroid movies made an impact on Hollywood. Mimi Leder’s Deep Impact opened , and was swiftly followed by Michael Bay’s Armageddon just weeks later on June 30. Bay’s disaster film was a Disney-financed success that became ingrained in pop culture.

Is there a deep impact 2?

#121 | Deep Impact 2: Deeper Underground | Beyond The Box Set.

What’s better Deep Impact or Armageddon?

Deep Impact is the better movie of the two, but Armageddon is the more important one.

Who was the female astronaut in Deep Impact?

Jenny Lerner, the character played by Téa Leoni, was originally intended to work for CNN.

How did Jenny mom die in Deep Impact?


How old is Leo Biederman in Deep Impact?


How old is deep impact?

Deep Impact, one of Japan’s greatest racehorses and its champion sire for the past seven years, died July 30 at age 17. The Shadai Stallion Station explained in a statement that its star attraction had undergone surgery on his neck on Sunday as part of ongoing treatment.

Does Tea Leoni die in Deep Impact?

Tea Leoni dies when the first comet hits. The crew of the shuttle dies blowing up the second comet and saving earth. Leo finds Sarah again, and runs off away from the tidal wave with her baby brother. Her parents die.

Is Bruce Willis in Deep Impact?

In Michael Bay’s version of this tale (co-written by future Star Wars director J.J. Abrams), drilling into the asteroid’s surface is such a monumental task that NASA has to recruit deep sea oil drillers, led by Bruce Willis, to become last-minute astronauts and burrow into the planetoid’s surface.

Is deep impact on Netflix?

With a massive comet threatening to destroy Earth, the U.S. president appoints a steely veteran astronaut to lead a crew into space to destroy it. Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman and Elijah Wood star in this sci-fi hit that was #8 at the box office.

How big was the meteor in Deep Impact?

This is about the same size as an aircraft carrier is long. Nevertheless, it would have struck the earth at a velocity of 11 miles per second, and gauged out a crater about 4 miles wide and 1,700 feet deep, accompanied by a Mw 7.0 earthquake, and tsunamis up to 70 feet tall if it struck the ocean.

How realistic is deep impact?

Tomorrow, Steven Spielberg unleashes Deep Impact, the fifth comet-strikes-Earth film made in the past 20 years and, scientists who’ve seen it say, by far the most technically accurate one. Its asteroid is the size of Texas, a million times more massive than any asteroid that could threaten Earth.