Can you buy graston tools?

Can you buy graston tools?

Graston Instruments Only Available to The Graston Technique® certification brings clinicians access to the specialty instruments available only to certified GT providers. A full set of six instruments includes all of the unique pieces that you need for every treatment technique.

What are graston tools called?

Graston Technique Instruments. Graston IASTM Tools are six stainless steel instruments. Three of them (GT2, GT3, GT4) comprise a basic 3-Piece Instrument Set (so-called Starter Set), while a full set consists of 6 pieces.

How much does a graston set cost?

The full set of 6 instruments costs $2295. Do you have payment plans available? Yes! You have the option at checkout to set up a payment plan through Klarna, here’s some more information on each of your options.

Is gua sha the same as graston?

Graston is focused more on the breaking up of adhesions and healing through the start of the inflammatory process; whereas Gua Sha is focused on bringing toxins and excessive heat to be released at the surface of the body. Both techniques are effective in promoting healing.

How often should you graston?

How often does it have to be done? How frequently Graston treatments are recommended can vary based on your individual presentation, goals, and your therapist’s assessment. Most typically this treatment is done 1-2x/week with a minimum of 48 hours in between sessions.

Can you graston with a butter knife?

Self-treating with the wrong tools and without expert help can cause more harm than good. I have seen patients try to perform a Graston-like technique at home using butter knives or wrenches. Unfortunately, they often apply too much pressure or target the wrong areas, making the problem worse.

Is graston and gua sha the same?

Is muscle scraping good for you?

Studies show that muscle scraping may be able to promote better range of motion through the enhancement of blood circulation, alleviation of scar tissue, and improving tendon and tissue extensibility. It’s also being considered as a safe and natural way to remodel soft tissue following an injury.

Can graston help cellulite?

The Graston Technique is good for your skin type. It can not only improve the look of your skin, but it may also help you get rid of cellulite. People are using the Graston Technique to decrease cellulite. The treatments stretch the connective tissues, evening it out and removing those crevices.

What is similar to graston technique?

Astym (pronounced A-stym) is a similar treatment technique to Graston, though uses different tools and looks at the process through a slightly different approach.