Can you buy Polanight online?

Can you buy Polanight online?

Polanight is the leading dental brand for professional teeth whitening treatment. Our secure Polanight shop offers you a wide range of dental products to purchase online.

How much does Polanight cost?

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This item PolaNight Spearmint 22% 8pk (8 gels) PolaDay Advanced Tooth Whitening System 9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel
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How long do you keep Polanight on for?

Press each tray lightly to ensure contact with the tooth surfaces. Wipe excess gel off of your gums with a cotton swab, facial tissue, gauze-wrapped finger, or dry, soft toothbrush. Leave your trays in for 90 minutes, or put them in right before you go to sleep.

What’s the difference between Poladay and Polanight?

The main difference between Poladay and Polanight lies in the active ingredients that are used to bleach the teeth. Poladay uses hydrogen peroxide which is faster working, for a quicker treatment. Polanight, however, uses carbamide peroxide, a slower acting chemical that will provide a gentler whitening process.

How many syringes do I need for teeth whitening?

Variables that help determine the number of syringes needed are: stain type, age, frequency of applications, duration of each application, and the concentration of the peroxide in the teeth whitening gel….

Ages 14-25 Ages 26-40 Ages 41+
3 gel syringes 4-6 gel syringes 7-9 gel syringes

Can you drink water with Polanight?

for effectIVe resuLts: Do not eat, drink or smoke during treatment. Do not smoke immediately after treatment – wait for at least two hours.

How often should I use PolaNight?

After the initial whitening treatment, use PolaNight 1-‐2 nights a month as needed to maintain the desired shade. How long will it take my teeth to whiten? Every individual whitens at a different rate, but the average time that most people notice a color change is wearing the trays daily for 2-‐3 weeks.

Do dentists use PolaNight?

polanight is available in two strengths, with the higher concentration of carbamide peroxide able to achieve stronger whitening in a shorter period of time. polanight is a take home product prescribed by your dentist.