Did Careca play for Napoli?

Did Careca play for Napoli?

Antônio de Oliveira Filho (born 5 October 1960), better known as Careca (Portuguese pronunciation: [kaˈɾɛkɐ]), is a Brazilian former footballer, who was deployed as a forward. During his career, Careca played for several clubs, most notably with Italian side Napoli.

Who was with Maradona in Napoli?

The following season, the team’s prolific attacking trio, formed by Maradona, Bruno Giordano, and Careca, was later dubbed the “Ma-Gi-Ca” (magical) front-line. Napoli would win their second league title in 1989–90, and finish runners up in the league twice, in 1987–88 and 1988–89.

How good is Careca?

Careca’s goals-to-game ratio was absolutely astounding. Including the Campeonato Paulista, the Brazilian State Championship for the state of Sao Paulo, his goal tally reached 109 goals in just five years at the club, which also made him the second highest scorer in the club’s history.

Did Maradona ever play for Napoli?

Maradona’s stint with Napoli came to an end when he was arrested in Argentina for cocaine possession and received a 15-month suspension from playing football. Next he played for Sevilla in Spain and Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina. In 1995 he returned to Boca Juniors and played his last match on October 25, 1997.

Are Messi and Aguero friends?

Barcelona legend and current Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi has paid homage to his Argentine teammate and close friend Sergio Aguero, after the news of his retirement from professional football on Wednesday.

What is the difference between Maradona and Careca?

Maradona was the light drawing defenders to him like moths to a flame, while Careca was the stiletto, the striker finding the space for Maradona’s carefully crafted passes and driving home the killer strike. In his first season in Italy, Careca scored 18 goals across all competitions.

What happened to Maradona’s goal against Napoli?

The moment, unseen by Greek referee Gerasimos Germanakos, resulted in Maradona’s attempt at goal stopped by the arm of defender Günther Schäfer. That was whistled by Germanakos and Maradona scored on the resultant penalty. With the game level at one apiece, Napoli continued their relentless attacking forays.

How did Maradona score the winner in the Carabao Cup?

Renica, with his long-range passing, found Carnevale in the penalty area who controlled the ball for Maradona. The Argentine fed a clever pass to Careca, who was in the middle of the box, which allowed the Brazilian to score the winner with three minutes left to play.

How many goals did Giuseppe Careca score to take Napoli fourth place?

Spearheading the club’s efforts, Careca bagged a highly-credible 15 goals to take Napoli to fourth place in Serie A. It was a performance way above expectations as the club spiralled downwards.