Do I need a water filter in Hong Kong?

Do I need a water filter in Hong Kong?

Yes, generally you can drink the tap water in Hong Kong. Therefore, Hong Kong residents living in older buildings, that simply want to reduce risk or that don’t like the taste of tap water may want to use a water filter.

How do you filter water in Hong Kong?

point-of-entry systems: installed where water enters your house and filtering all the water circulation through the house – requires special installation. point-of-use system under the sink: attached under your sink at the tap directly – requires installing a special tap install for filtered water.

Is HK water drinkable?

Hong Kong’s water is good enough to drink. According to the WSD, Hong Kong’s water is actually among the safest in the world14. The quality of the local drinking water conforms to the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Is HK water hard or soft?

In Hong Kong, treated water is soft in nature. It contains a small amount of minerals and remains visually clear.

How much does a tap water filter cost?

The Price of Purchasing, Installing & Maintaining a Water Filter

Filter Type Purchase Price Range Total Cost (First Year)
Regular under sink filters $50 – $200 $70 – $650
Countertop water filters $50 – $120 $120 – $250
Faucet water filters $20 – $50 $40 – $90
Water filter pitchers $20 – $50 $80 – $200

How much does a water filter cost in Hong Kong?

A leading name in water filtration, Aquasana has a range of filters to choose from. Their Aquasana AQ-500 (HKD 1,895), with an average yearly maintenance cost of HKD 1,330, is an under the sink filter that has a three step filtration process that can be installed yourself.

Which under-the-sink water filter is the most affordable?

Unique Selling Point: Doulton’s under-the-sink is the most affordable option on this list. American brand Oasis has an under the sink water filter called the Green Filter (HKD 3,500) – it has an average yearly maintenance cost of HKD 3,916 – two of the three filters must be replaced every 6 months and the third once a year.

How much does pluvial plus cost in Hong Kong?

Created here in Hong Kong, Pluvial Plus offers two different free standing filter units, both of which are 15 litres, the Counter Top Model (HKD1,600) and the Dispenser Model (HKD 1,600). You need to replace the ceramic filter once a year and the 5 stage filter twice a year, bringing the average yearly maintenance cost to HKD 885.

Does water filter remove lead from portable water?

It is indicated in many literatures that water filter could effectively remove the lead and other impurities in the potable water to make the necessary portable water healthier. However, there are many categories of filters on the market, how consumers select the proper one?