Does Camp Atterbury have housing?

Does Camp Atterbury have housing?

If you are a military member or family looking for housing by Camp Atterbury, located in Edinburgh, IN, you’ve come to the right place!

Is Camp Atterbury open to the public?

We’re open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., located at Building #341, Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, IN 46124.

Are refugees coming to Camp Atterbury?

6,000 have found new homes in the U.S. They arrived as “guests” to the United States, but now, dozens of Afghan refugees are calling Indianapolis home. With that hospitality, Camp Atterbury began welcoming Afghan people in September after the violent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Is Camp Atterbury pool open?

Camp Atterbury pool is open for business.

What county is Camp Atterbury in?

Atterbury-Muscatatuck encompasses 36,000 acres of training and maneuver area centrally positioned in the U.S. in south-central Indiana and located within Jennings, Johnson, Bartholomew and Brown Counties.

Where is Camp Atterbury Army Lodging Program?

Camp Atterbury Army Lodging Program amp Atterbury Army Lodging Office ilding #402, lark Street P.O. x 5000 Edinburgh, IN 46124 Office Main: ~812 526-1128 HOURS: MON-SAT 0730-1600

Is there smoking at Camp Atterbury?

 Camp Atterbury Lodging is a 100% NON-SMOKING facility. Please do not smoke inside buildings!  NO PETS ALLOWED, other than Service Animals  All housekeeping/cleaning issues should be reported the Camp Atterbury Lodging Office at building #402, (812) 526-1128 CAMP ATTERBURY ARMY LODGING INTERNET USAGE

What is the Atterbury-Muscatatuck lodging office?

The Atterbury-Muscatatuck Lodging Office provides hotel-style rooms to users authorized under NGR 5-3-1, including service members, retirees, government agencies, DOD contractors, civilians operating on a military base and their friends and family.

How do I contact the POC at Camp Atterbury?

4. The POC (812) 526-1110 or email [email protected] Erica J Stark ERICA J STARK A-M Lodging Manager Camp Atterbury Army Lodging Camp Atterbury Army Lodging Program