Does CIZE really work?

Does CIZE really work?

Bottom line, I really like Cize and recommend it highly for people my age. Unlike some of the other reviews, which I imagine are posted by much younger and more fit individuals, the workouts in this set made me sweat like crazy. They are a real challenge for me, but very doable and FUN.

How many days a week is CIZE?

CIZE: Program Details

Program Details
Trainer: Shaun T Workout Length: 35-40 Min a day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks.
Subtitles: English Equipment: None
Audio: English, Spanish

How long is CIZE workout?

The cardio dance workout videos are between 30 and 40 minutes long, with the exception of 8 Count Abs, which is eight minutes. The workout program also includes the Eat Up!

What is CIZE exercise?

complicated. Forget squats, lunges, and boring cardio. CIZE is the dance exercise program you’ll look forward to doing every day. Shaun T breaks down every move, step-by-step, so anyone can do it. CIZE is such a blast, you may even forget you’re getting an awesome workout!

How does the CIZE calendar work?

Each calendar is color coded with an option to mark down how many calories you burn per Cize workout if you are using a fitness bracelet. Each calendar is two pages long making it nice and big to print off as a 2 page poster you can stick on your fridge.

Will dancing 30 minutes a day help lose weight?

If you want to lose weight and have fun, dancing is the answer. Usually, an average human should have a 30-minute long physical exercise session- at the minimum. Dancing is a cardio exercise, therefore making it ideal for weight loss, the same as jogging.

Can you lose weight with Cize dance workouts?

Shaun T’s CIZE dance workouts are so much fun and so effective for losing weight! They also burn a ton of calories while you learn you basic choreography! In this post, we’ll look at our Cize’s results, workout times, and provide printable schedules. Say goodbye to push-ups and bootcamps, and hello to workout you actually enjoy doing!

How long is a Cize workout?

What are Cize Workout Lengths? The workouts range from 30 to 51 minutes. The program itself it 4-weeks, but it can be repeated right after. Is Cize good for weight loss?

Is Cize harder than Rockin body or Hip Hop Abs?

If you’ve ever done Rockin’ Body or Hip Hop Abs, this is similar but the Cize dance routines are harder. For each dance workout, Shaun T picked out the song. You’ll hear versions of:

Is Cize available on Beachbody on demand?

Yes, Cize is available to all members on Beachbody on Demand. (Grab our Beachbody on Demand Review ). If you’re not familiar with Beachbody on Demand, it’s a streaming service that allows you to stream 100s of workouts to your phone, computer, or TV using a streaming device.