Does Criss Angel have a child?

Does Criss Angel have a child?

Johnny Crisstopher Sarantakos
Xristos Yanni Sarantakos
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Does Chris Angel have a daughter?

Since 2012, Angel has been dating Australian singer Shaunyl Benson. The couple have two sons together, born in 2014 and 2019, and a daughter born in 2021.

Does Chris Angel have a son?

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What disease does Criss Angel’s son have?

Criss Angel has some happy news to share. The 54-year-old magician took to Instagram on Monday to announce that his 7-year-old son, Johnny’s, cancer is in remission more than six years after his diagnosis. Johnny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015 when he was 20 months old.

Who is criss daughter?

On Thursday, the illusionist, 53, celebrated the holiday by sharing the first photo of his new family, just weeks after he and wife Shaunyl Benson welcomed their third child, daughter Illusia Angelina. Illusia arrived five weeks early via emergency cesarean section on Nov.

Is Criss Angel’s wife pregnant?

The singer, 29, showed her bare baby bump via Instagram on Monday, July 12, writing, “Baby No. 3 was absolutely unexpected. Little girl arriving December 2021.” The magician, 53, commented on the social media upload: “So happy for our little girl, you my love and our blessed family. …

How long has Criss Angel been in Vegas?

Criss Angel Believe (Cirque du Soleil)

Criss Angel: Believe
Date of premiere October 31, 2008
Final show April 17, 2016
Location Luxor hotel, Las Vegas
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How is Criss Angels son doing?

“This is the most important post I have ever made,” the magician wrote. Magician Criss Angel has announced that his 7-year-old son Johnny’s cancer is in remission.

Who is Criss Angel wife?

Shaunyl Bensonm. 2015
JoAnn Winkhartm. 2002–2006
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What nationality is Criss Angel?

AmericanCriss Angel / Nationality

Who is Chris Angel married to?

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