Does Houston have a bike share?

Does Houston have a bike share?

Houston BCycle is the city’s bike share program and currently consists of over 100 stations and 700 bikes available to riders across central Houston neighborhoods.

How does Houston BCycle work?

How does it work? Rent a BCycle from any station, ride it, and return it to any BCycle station. It’s that simple.

How much is a BCycle membership?

Annual Memberships

Annual Memberships Sign up online – personal online profile with ride tracking, calories burned, carbon offset and more!
7-Day $25
Annual $45
+ Additional Usage Fees (7-Day/Annual)
1st half-hour (of each trip) Included

Does Houston have electric bikes?

One possibility is to ride the swelling wave of popularity that electric bikes continue to enjoy. And Houston BCycle, which is operated by Houston Bike Share, is fully onboard. The program began its electric bike rollout last month, adding 25 e-bikes to its docking stations around the city.

How long is the Buffalo Bayou bike trail?

15 miles
The Buffalo Bayou Trail, also referred to as the Sandy Reed Memorial Trail, cuts across Houston and meanders through the many parks that line the waterway, as well as the historical Glenwood Cemetery. It stretches 15 miles and is fully paved, offering a pleasant outdoor escape in an urban setting.

How do I cancel BCycle?

You may choose to terminate your membership at any time by notifying us by email at [email protected]. Please allow us sufficient time to process termination requests. You understand that termination of your membership is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with B-cycle.

How do I return BCycle?

Returning your bike

  1. When returning your bike to a station, return your bike firmly into the dock. After 3 beeps and flashes from the green dock icon, you will also receive an email or app notification that your trip has ended.
  2. Text or call us 800-473-4743 if you encounter any issues, we’ve got your back!

How do you unlock BCycle?

Use the BCycle app:

  1. Open your BCycle app and click the “unlock” button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the screen on your START bike to reveal unlock code, then enter code into app.
  3. After a brief pause, you will hear a click from the lock releasing.

How do I remove BCycle?

How fast is a BCycle?

The BCycle electric is a pedal assist bike that amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. It features a Bosch system that provides support up to 17 mph. Designed for comfort on commutes, daily cruises, and recreational rides.