Does Montserrat fall in love with Alejandro?

Does Montserrat fall in love with Alejandro?

When her family has financial problems, she marries Alejandro Almonte, a wealthy man with whom her mother made a deal… while Montserrat was imagining life with her boyfriend José Luis Alvarez. But her mother deceives and manipulates her into marrying Alejandro…and she falls deeply in love with him.

What episode does Montserrat fall in love with Alejandro?

Episode 151 has Montserrat paying a visit to her old friend Maria at the strip club she works at. Maria confirms that the only way Alejandro will recuperate his name and money is if he spends a night with her, a moment of pleasure with the man that she loves.

Does Montserrat end up with Alejandro?

2. José Luis dies saving the lives of both children that Pedro Medina kidnapped. 1. Montserrat ends up with Alejandro and we can only assume they lived happily ever after despite the depressing setting of the finale.

Does Montserrat have a baby with Jose Luis?

She is rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells her she is three-weeks pregnant, which means it’s José Luis’ child. Montserrat reminds Alejandro that José Luis took care of Laurito knowing he wasn’t his child.

What episode does Montserrat get pregnant with Alejandro?

Episode 154 Montserrat decides to go back home and abandon plans of running away with Alejandro. His friends try to reason with Alejandro, telling him what a dumb decision he had made in regards to Montserrat. The blonde beauty tells Mamá Rosario she is pregnant and that most likely it’s Jose Luis’ child.

Does Alejandro sleep with Maria?

In the end, Alejandro decided not to sleep with Maria, so really, Sandro died for nothing. Alejandro still met with Maria to tell her he had changed his mind. Maria pleaded shamelessly for him to change his decision, but he refused.

What episode does Montserrat see Alejandro again?

‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robó’ Univision Episode 141 Spoilers: Montserrat, Alejandro Reunite After 7 Years!

What episode does Montserrat have a baby?

Episode 171 has Alejandro (Sebastián Rulli) and Montserrat (Angelique Boyer) paying a visit to their half-sister Fabiola (Lisset) in jail.