Does occlude mean?

Does occlude mean?

Definition of occlude transitive verb. 1 : to close up or block off : obstruct a thrombus occluding a coronary artery also : conceal cosmetics that occlude pores.

What is the synonym of commercials?

lucrative, moneymaking, money-spinning, profitable, profit-making, for-profit, remunerative, financially rewarding, fruitful, gainful, productive. viable, cost-effective, economic, successful, commercially successful.

What does it mean to Obturate?

: obstruction of a bodily passage intestinal obturation.

What is a commercial term?

Commercial Terms means any legally binding document relating to the sale or supply of the Hardware to the Customer or dealing with the subject matter of this EULA, including under which payment is made for the Hardware by the Customer.

What is another word for retailer?

Synonyms & Antonyms of retailer

  • discounter,
  • distributor,
  • e-tailer,
  • exporter,
  • jobber,
  • reseller,
  • wholesaler.