Guide about writing academic paper

Tips for writing an academic paper

Start writing academic paper after getting new results that are of scientific interest. This may be the results of:

  • your own pilot studies;
  • a generalisation of work experience;
  • analytical information overview in this field.

General outline

It is difficult to achieve integrity and clarity if the author does not think through the general outline of the article. The author must develop the plan in detail. Otherwise, it can appear as if the author thinks only at the time when he writes. Such unorganized writing without a clear outline may be unforgivable.

The paper title

Devote your time to finding a successful title, although this is just one phrase. The title should reflect the content of the work and at the same time be attractive and catchy. This is especially important now – due to the huge flow of information. Because of the inaccurate title important and necessary article may be overlooked or ignored.

The components

Annotation. It performs the function of the expanded title and tells of the work itself. Annotation shows what, in the author’s opinion, is the most valuable and applicable in the work performed. A poorly-written annotation can spoil the impression of a good article.

Introduction. The reader wants to understand what was the need of this work, and what place it occupies among similar research-and-development programme.

It would also be most appropriate to review the literature found by the author (articles, patents, reports, information from the Internet). It should be remembered that there are always predecessors of such studies. Therefore, it is necessary to find traces of these predecessors and provide a critical analysis of their work. After all, the ignorance of these materials often leads to unjustified expenses, time and efforts. A detail-oriented author should consider not only the sources that confirm the correctness of his conclusions but also the works that disprove them. Attitude to the works of predecessors should be respectful. Because the author can afford the criticism of them, while they have no opportunity to argue in response.

If there is anything which isn’t clear yet, the college paper writing service will be glad to explain it.

The main body

An individual researcher should be able to:

  • choose a task for the pilot study;
  • use the available means to conduct research or create own, new means;
  • look into the results and understand what the research has given.

The author is obliged to describe in the article on experimental studies the methodology of the experiments to assess the accuracy and reproducibility of the results obtained. Otherwise, the study validity is doubtful. And reading such an article becomes a waste of time.

The most important element of the work on the paper is the presentation of the work done and its physical explanation. It is necessary the data should be provided in a visual form: tables, graphs, diagrams. Often, the authors introduce an unreasonable number of mathematical formulas into the content. However, such cumbersome mathematical extravagances only obscure the understanding of the physical entity.

Most authors avoid mentioning negative experiments. Meanwhile, such experiments, especially in the field of technology, are sometimes more instructive than experiments with a positive outcome.


They cannot be equated with annotation, they carry out different functions. Conclusions should show the result and the annotation – what has been done. Conclusions cannot be too numerous. All it would take is three to five conclusions, valuable for science and production. Conclusions must remain as theses.


It is important to correctly link to the source in the list of references. In any case, you should indicate clearly the names of the authors, journal, year of publication, volume (issue), number, page. An interested reader might wish to find the specified literary source. There are cases when the poorly specified source cannot be found. Faced with this fact, users lose confidence in both the author and his work.

The well done academic paper is the logical conclusion of the work performed. Therefore, along with the improvement of research, you must learn always to write research articles. And these tips are not dogma, but only pause for thought!