How are Frankenstein and his monster similar?

How are Frankenstein and his monster similar?

One way that Victor and the monster are alike is that Victor creates the monster like himself. Victor does not plan to create the monster like himself, but the monster becomes very much like Victor. The evil that is present in Victor and the monster is another example of similarity between the characters.

How do Victor and the monster become more similar?

Yes, Victor and the creature become more and more alike as time goes on. The two are locked in combat. Each destroys what the other one most loves and/or desires. For example, Victor agrees to create a female mate for the creature, then rips her apart.

Who is the real monster?

Victor Frankenstein was the true beast, he was as my professor stated, “science’s hideous prodigy,” the man behind the blood. He was to society what the monster was to him; creating a killing machine that didn’t stop until it killed him too.

How does Dr Frankenstein die?


What was Dr Frankenstein’s first name?

Victor Frankenstein