How can I check my NBI record?

How can I check my NBI record?

It provides person’s identity and an instant background check if a person has a bad or criminal record….How to Check NBI Clearance Authenticity Online

  1. Just go to their website at
  2. Click the “NBI clearance online verification” button, located at near bottom left of their website.

How do I delete my NBI record?

Bring the original and photocopy of your criminal case by the decision of the court. This will help to clear your record. Wear a proper dress code – The NBI agents may deny you for wearing sleeveless clothes, slippers, and short pants.

Are criminal records public in Philippines?

Philippines Criminal Records Search – Nationwide Court records are open to the public, except those cases involving family disputes.

Is NBI clearance the same as police clearance?

The police clearance says the same thing as the NBI clearance. That is, it tells if there have been criminal cases filed against the maid in the locality where it was issued. The scope of the police clearance is limited only to a certain locality. That is unlike the NBI clearance.

What does no criminal record mean in NBI clearance?

“No record on file” is noted when the individual has never obtained a Certificate; “No derogatory record” is indicated on Certificate renewals; while “With derogatory record” is indicated for those applicants who do have an incident with the law.

How do I know if my NBI clearance is real?

You can either type the NBI ID Number or scan the QR Code Via a camera. Double check the serial number then click verify. A pop up window would appear showing the name and the picture of the owner of the NBI Clearance and a remark if it’s valid.

Does police blotter affect NBI clearance?

In other words, unless it’s used as a piece of evidence for a criminal case that already reached the Court, a blotter report won’t reflect on your NBI clearance.

How can I check criminal case in Philippines?

To search for full text of Supreme Court decisions, enter the “CASE TITLE” or the “DOCKET NUMBER” in the search box below, choose “” as the option and click “Search”.

Which is faster NBI or police clearance?

Whereas a “HIT” in NBI clearance usually takes up to 10 days to be verified and resolved, the same can be cleared right away when you’re applying for a police clearance.

How long is NBI clearance valid for?

six months
From the date of issuance, your NBI Clearance will be valid for six months to a year. After this period, you will need to apply for a renewal.

How to get an NBI Clearance in the Philippines?

Any person applying for an NBI clearance must secure an online appointment first or they won’t be accommodated. Unless you’re applying from abroad, you can’t get an NBI clearance in the Philippines without a personal appearance.

What is the NBI criminal database?

The NBI Criminal Database is a collection of criminal records taken from the following: Courts (MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC). Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices). Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan. Police and AFP records. Others.

Where can I find the NBI Branch in Manila?

You can select the main branch at UN Avenue, Manila, or any NBI branch near you. Fortunately, there are numerous branches located in Manila and all over the country so you’ll never run out of choices.

What is an NBI reference?

References. What is an NBI clearance? NBI stands for the National Bureau of Investigation. It’s the local counterpart of the United States’ FBI. The purpose of the NBI clearance is to prove you’re a citizen in good standing and that you never messed up with the law.