How can I improve my cooling tower speed?

How can I improve my cooling tower speed?

How to Increase Your Industrial Cooling Tower Efficiency

  1. Save energy.
  2. Reduce the amount of water being consumed.
  3. Decrease the amount of chemicals required for water treatment.
  4. Extend the equipment service life.
  5. Reduce operating costs, overall.

What is a Geareducer?

A gear reducer is a mechanical transmission device that connects a motor to a driven load. It is also known as a gearbox. It allows you to modify the torque and speed between a motor and a load.

How do you cool a gearbox?

For air cooling, simply install a small fan (6 to 10- in. diameter) so that it blows air on the gearbox. If a motor and gearhead are attached, such as in a servo application, be sure to cool them separately and not with the same fan. Position the motor fan so it doesn’t blow heat from the motor onto the gearhead.

Which oil is used in cooling tower gearbox?

Mineral gear oil
The operation of cooling tower is very important and any down time for want of maintenance is very critical for running of each unit of the power plant. M/s VSP is using Mineral gear oil in the Gearboxes of Cooling towers.

What are the parts of a cooling tower?

Cooling tower components include: Instrumentation and Electrical Systems, Cooling Tower Nozzles, Cooling Tower Valves, Mechanical Equipment Support, Drive Shafts, Gear Boxes, Cooling Tower Louvers, Fan Deck, Fan Cylinder, Water Distribution Piping, Cooling Tower Fans, Drift Eliminators, Cooling Tower Fill, Cooling …

What is drift in a cooling tower and how is it controlled?

Drift eliminators are designed to capture large water droplets caught in the cooling tower air stream. The eliminators prevent the water droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower.

What is the possible causes of lack of cooling in cooling tower?

Corrosion is caused by the combination and reaction of air, sodium, and other chemical components found in the water supply. This chemical reaction causes destruction or loss of the metal within the cooling tower.

How do cooling towers control pH?

What You Can Do to Balance Tower Water pH

  1. Determine Water Quality. Start by measuring the water’s pH, alkalinity, hardness and conductivity.
  2. Establish Target Cycles of Concentration.
  3. Monitor COC and Water Performance.
  4. Automate Your Processes.
  5. Protect Your Equipment.
  6. Work With Your Vendor.

How do I choose a gear reducer?

The first step in selecting a gear reducer is to know the required torque and speed as well as the most suitable type of motor to use. Then, it can be determined if a gear reducer is needed in the particular case. If so, then the next step is to select the proper type and ratio.

Does gear reducer increase torque?

Gear reduction has the opposite effect on torque. The rotary machine’s output torque is increased by multiplying the torque by the gear ratio, less some efficiency losses.

What makes a good cooling tower reducer?

Engineered with heat dissipation in mind, to maintain optimal temperature for the reducer in the vicinity of the cooling tower fan, where airflow is minimal. Uses a 25° gear pressure angle for high dedendum strength. Reducer with high load capacity, capable of withstanding strong impact loads.

Why choose a geareducer cooling tower?

In shape and function, their design goes beyond standard AGMA requirements – both to maximize air movement through the tower and to minimize maintenance requirements. The Marley M Series Geareducer is designed to directly replace gearboxes found in non-Marley cooling towers, specifically Amarillo gear drives.

How many series of gear reducers do we have?

We have 6 series of gear reducers or gearboxes designed according to specific tower capacities and are designed in order to require minimum maintenance and deliver high transmission efficiency. Gears are made of high strength allow steel conforming to EN & SAE standards and are duly case hardened.

Are Marley geared speed reducers reliable?

Then, it’s inspected and adjusted before shipment. For over 80 years, Marley has been making the most reliable geared speed reducers—designed specifically for cooling tower service. Marley has always known that outstanding Geareducer engineering is only as good as the lubricant that protects it.