How can you say that Gerrard was an intelligent and tactful person?

How can you say that Gerrard was an intelligent and tactful person?

How can you say that Gerrard was an intelligent and tactful person? Answer: Gerrard told the Intruder that he knew all the answers. He understood that the Intruder had evil intentions. Still he told him that he was pleased to see him.

Who proved cleverer in the end Gerrard or the intruder?

The intruder shared body resemblance with Gerrard so he planned to kill Gerrard and live under his name. But Gerrard out-smarted him by tricking him into the cupboard and handing him over to the police. So, the one who was proved to be smarter at the end was Gerrard.

What was boring according to the intruder?

This conversation bores me. The intruder ordered Gerrard to be quick and disclose all that was going on in his mind. He was getting bored by the lengthy conversation.

How does Gerrard outsmart the intruder?

Gerrard outwits the intruder by confessing that he himself is also an intruder and is expecting the police soon. He made up a story that his accomplice is already caught and any time he will be arrested too. The intruder gets scared by hearing this and started to run.

Do you think the intruder was smarter than Gerrard why why not which quality of Gerrard made him smarter than the intruder?

Answer: The intruder was no doubt a smart person, because of his planning. His idea of stealing Gerrad’s identity is an intelligent idea. How ever, he is not smarter than Gerrard.

Who provides cleverer in the end?

Answer. Answer: Gerrard proves to be smarter and cleverer in the end as he very smartly turns the table on his side by fooling the intruder by making him afraid by the name of cops and making him believe that he himself was a criminal.

Is it I was or I were?

The confusion occurs because when writing in the past tense, I was is correct while I were is incorrect. However, when writing about non-realistic or hypothetical situations, if I were is the only correct choice. Even though they look almost identical, if I was and if I were are not interchangeable.

How is Gerrard different from the intruder?

How is Gerrard different from the intruder? Gerrard wears nice clothes, is particularly decorative, wears spectacles and speaks with American accent while the intruder wears flashy clothes, no spces and has no American accent.

How do you use if I were in a sentence?

“If I were” is also used when you are wishing for something. For example, “If I were taller, I would play basketball.” The subject of the sentence is imagining a hypothetical situation where they are taller, and imagining about what that would mean for that version of themselves.

What was the intruder already wanted for?

When Gerrard asked the intruder why he wanted to add murder to the list of crimes he had already committed the intruder told him that he was already wanted for murder as he had killed a man, and so he was not afraid to kill Gerrard as well. He then said that the police could not hang him twice for two murders.

What brings the intruder to Gerrard’s house?

Answer. A well planned move brings intruder to Gerard’s place. intruder was a criminal who has murdered a policeman and now running and hiding from the police since then. when intruder was hiding and running from cops he goes in the place where two men stared at Gerard and then chit chatting with each other.

What I would do if I were a millionaire?

If I were a millionaire, I’d use my wealth most judiciously and that for positive purposes for me and my family and for others. I’d help the poorest children to get education. I’d pay for their books, fees, healthcare and even food and clothing, if necessary. I’d open dispensaries and schools in rural areas.

Why does Gerrard say that the intruders entry is highly melodramatic?

Answer Expert Verified Answer: Gerard says that the intruder’s entry is highly melodramatic because the latter had entered the former’s home silently, revolver in hand, wearing an overcoat and soft hat. The intruder was looking like Gerard, except for the clothes.

How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying?

Question 14 : How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying? Answer : Gerrard made up the story of his being a criminal and told the intruder that he was expecting a trouble that night. He showed the intruder the props. Also, his bag was packed which further added to his conviction.

Who is the more intelligent of the two Gerrard or the intruder?

Answer. Explanation: Gerrard is more intelligent and smarter than intruder because he did not get trapped in intruders plan. With the help of his quick and clever thinking he got rid of intruder and trapped intruder in his own plan .

Could the intruder carry out his plan if not why?

No, the intruder does not succeed in fulfilling his plans because he is outsmarted by Gerrard’s wit.