How difficult is Mount Batur Trek?

How difficult is Mount Batur Trek?

Mount Batur is a 4.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Bangli, Bali, Indonesia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

How many km is Mt Batur hike?

Hike distance and duration: The total distance of the Mount Batur hike is 7 kilometres out and back for the short route and 11 kilometres out and back on the longer route. The shorter route will take you anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour if you have a fast pace.

How long does it take to climb Mount Batur?

about two hours
The hike is about two hours (for most, quicker if you need fewer breaks) and remember you are summiting a volcano which is 1,717 meters, or 5,633 feet, above sea level. For me personally, I found the hike pretty difficult and not the easy stroll as some described it.

Is Mount Batur safe?

Mount Batur is Safe to Climb Mt Batur is an extremely safe activity. The volcano is live, but inactive and Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology of Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) has deemed it safe for travelers. You may have heard that Bali’s other volcano, holy Gunung Agung, is closed due to activity.

When was the last time Mount Batur erupted?

2000Mount Batur / Last eruption
The last eruption of Batur volcano was in 2000 when ash emissions reach a height of 300 m above the summit. Volcanic earthquakes increased significantly at Batur volcano in Indonesia on 8th November 2009.

Is Mount Batur an active volcano?

Mount Batur (or The Kintamani Volcano) is an active volcano and a very popular trek. The captivating Mount Batur surrounds the 13-sq-km Batur caldera lake. There are also some old Balinese villages around Batur Lake, often referred to as Bali Aga villages.

What type of volcano is Mount Batur?

Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung on the island of Bali, Indonesia….

Mount Batur
Mountain type Volcanic caldera
Last eruption 1999 to 2000

Can you climb Mount Agung without a guide?

Climb Mount Agung via Pasar Agung Temple. If you want Climbing Mount Agung Without a Guide via Pura Pasar Agung, you must start from car park Pasar Agung Temple at 2 am because the trek up to the summit take about 4 to 4,5 hours climb.

What is Mount Batur known for?

Mount Batur is still an active volcano, with the most recent eruption in 2000. Made informed us that during the 1968 eruption of Mount Batur, red lava flowed into the caldera and to this day the black lava field can still be seen from the summit.

Is Bali volcano still active?

Mount Agung (Indonesian: Gunung Agung; Balinese: ᬕᬸᬦᬸᬂ ᬆᬕᬸᬂ) is an active volcano in Bali, Indonesia, southeast of Mount Batur volcano, also in Bali….

Mount Agung
Mount Agung Bali, Indonesia
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 2019

How hard is it to hike Mount Batur?

When it comes to volcano hikes, Mount Batur is on the easier end of the spectrum. That doesn’t mean this is necessarily an easy hike – you are gaining over 1,700 feet of elevation. But when it comes to the terrain of the hike, it can be pretty manageable based on which route you take.

Can you climb Batur in Bali?

Climbing Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur, or Gunung Batur, in the Kintamani region of East Bali is an iconic, extremely-active volcano that draws tourists in with both beauty and promise of adventure.

Where is Mount Batur?

Mount Batur is located in the Kintamani region of northeast Bali, Indonesia. Several north-south roads run between Ubud in Central Bali and Penelokan – the gateway village for exploring Kintamani.

What is the best trekking in Bali?

Hiking up the Mount Batur volcano is one of the top trekking options on the island of Bali. A climb that begins in the middle of the night up to the crater rim for sunrise is unlike other experiences you will have on the island.