How do I access ConnectWise university?

How do I access ConnectWise university?

The ConnectWise University can be accessed by navigating to User credentials to log in will already be set up and supplied by the Trainer Lead. If there are any issues with logging in or any questions, please contact the Trainer Lead for further instruction.

What kind of company is ConnectWise?

ConnectWise Control is a self-hosted remote desktop software application owned by Connectwise Inc., a software developer based in Tampa, Florida, United States….ConnectWise Control.

Original author(s) Elsinore Technologies
Type Remote desktop software
License Proprietary

How do I log into ConnectWise?

Configuring an Integrator Login Account in ConnectWise

  1. Start the ConnectWise PSA application.
  2. Click Setup > Setup Tables.
  3. Type Integrator in the Table column and press Enter.
  4. Click Integrator Login.
  5. Click New Item.
  6. Type a unique User Name and Password to be used for the new Integrator Login account.

What do ConnectWise do?

ConnectWise Automate Remote Monitoring allows you to monitor, discover, and resolve any IT issue—network bottlenecks, application performance issues, and security threats—before your clients even know what happened. You pay your techs too much to spend time on repetitive tasks.

What is the purpose of ConnectWise?

The ConnectWise mission is clear: To empower technology solution providers to realize their vision of success.

What is ConnectWise Control on my computer?

ConnectWise Control allows control and access of an unattended computer or server. Anyone, from technicians to company employees, can simplify connections with remote access.

Is ConnectWise still free?

ConnectWise Control Free offers a co-cost option for scalable remote support software, especially helpful for maximizing tech efficiency in small businesses. When you start your ConnectWise Control Free account, you can also test drive our premium features free for 14 days. All the bells and whistles, no charge.

What is ConnectWise business management?

The business management tool allows your business to centralize all information, automate business process, real-time visibility in operations, and provide better customer support. ConnectWise has a CRM, ticketing system, help desk, and tools for project management, billing, and procurement.

Why choose ConnectWise automate®?

ConnectWise Automate® is designed to meet the unique needs of your business and prices are customized based on your needs. Vendor will tailor a quote specifically for you. Get in touch with the vendor directly to get a quote. What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

What are the workflow rules in ConnectWise?

The workflow rules that are defined in ConnectWise cover various areas of the business, ranging from conducting targeted marketing campaigns to monitoring service delivery using service level agreements.

What is ConnectWise Control remote access?

ConnectWise Control remote access software prioritizes speed and security in connecting to other computers or mobile devices. ConnectWise Control’s dashboard is easy for customers and technicians to use on any device in any location.