How do I add a column to an existing Hive table?

How do I add a column to an existing Hive table?

Hi, Yes, we can add column inside a table in Hive using a command: ALTER TABLE table_name ADD COLUMNS (column _name datatypes);

How do you add a column after a column in Hive?


Can we ALTER TABLE in Hive?

In Hive, we can perform modifications in the existing table like changing the table name, column name, comments, and table properties. It provides SQL like commands to alter the table.

How do I change column position in Hive table?

Here are the commands to manipulate Hive table columns:

  1. Change Column Name: Below query renames column from OldColName to NewColName.
  2. Change Column Order: Below query moves the position of one column (ColName) after any other specified column (ExistingColName)

Why Hive column should not be added like ALTER TABLE?

If you add a column to a hive table, only the underlying metastore is updated. I hope this helps. ALTER TABLE commands modifies the METADATA only. The underlying data remains untouched.

How do I add more columns in Hive?

1 Answer. You cannot add a column with a default value in Hive. You have the right syntax for adding the column ALTER TABLE test1 ADD COLUMNS (access_count1 int); , you just need to get rid of default sum(max_count) . No changes to that files backing your table will happen as a result of adding the column.

How do you add a column to an existing external Hive table filled with random sequence?

Query: ALTER TABLE dbname. table_name ADD columns (column1 string,column2 string) CASCADE; This changes the columns of a table’s metadata and cascades the same change to all the partition metadata.

Can we change the data type of a column in a Hive table?

Hi, By using this command below one can change the column data type: ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE column_name column_name new_datatype; I hope this works.

How do I add a column to a specific position in Hive?

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD COLUMNS (user_id BIGINT); Now to make user_id column as the first column in your table use change column with FIRST clause: ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE COLUMN user_id user_id BIGINT first; This will move the user_id column to the first position.

What is the disadvantage of using too many partitions in Hive tables?

Limitations: Having large number of partitions create number of files/ directories in HDFS, which creates overhead for NameNode as it maintains metadata. It may optimize certain queries based on where clause, but may cause slow response for queries based on grouping clause.

How do you know if a Hive table is internal or external?

We can identify the internal or External tables using the DESCRIBE FORMATTED table_name statement in the Hive, which will display either MANAGED_TABLE or EXTERNAL_TABLE depending on the table type.

How do I edit multiple columns in Hive?

In the Hive documentation you can find the following: ALTER TABLE table_name [PARTITION partition_spec] CHANGE [COLUMN] col_old_name col_new_name column_type [COMMENT col_comment] [FIRST|AFTER column_name] [CASCADE|RESTRICT];

How to rename a table in hive?

Alter Table Statement. It is used to alter a table in Hive.

  • Rename To…Statement. The following query renames the table from employee to emp.
  • Change Statement. The following table contains the fields of employee table and it shows the fields to be changed (in bold).
  • Add Columns Statement.
  • JDBC Program.
  • Replace Statement
  • JDBC Program.
  • How to add columns to existing hive external table?

    Add Data to the Table by Using LOAD DATA Query. We can add data to the table by using LOAD Data query. We have a file ‘ /home/hadoop/employees_3.csv’ on HDFS. We can directly copy this file into ‘ /home/hadoop/employee_data/ ‘ directory or we can use LOAD DATA query. Contents of employees_3.csv :-.

    How to insert, update and delete in hive tables?

    Hive Table Update using ACID Transactions and Examples

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  • How to delete multiple partitions in hive table?

    – What are Hive Partitions – Partition Table Advantages – Create Hive Partition Table – Load Data into Partition Table – Show All Partitions – Add New Partition – Rename or Update Partition – Drop Hive Partition