How do I contact EPO?

How do I contact EPO?

Alternatively, you can:

  1. use our contact form to send us your enquiry at any time.
  2. call Customer Services in: Munich: +49 (0)89 2399-4500. The Hague: +31 (0)70 340-4500. Berlin: +49 (0)30 25901-4500. Vienna: +43 (0)1 52126-4500. Monday to Friday, 08.00-18.00 hrs CET (normal national/international rates apply).

Where is the European Patent Office?

The EPO has its headquarters in Munich, a branch in The Hague and offices in Berlin, Vienna and Brussels.

How do I file an EPO?

Filing options

  1. Online. European patent applications can be filed online using either the EPO’s Online Filing software, the Online Filing 2.0 application or the web-form filing service.
  2. By post, fax or hand.
  3. Using a courier service.
  4. Via an automated mailbox.
  5. Filing with the national patent offices.

How do I know if a European patent is granted?

Legal status information (i.e. where and whether a patent is valid) for European and Euro-PCT applications is available via the EPO’s free online European Patent Register, where you can also access the publicly available parts of the application file, including the grant stage (and including any opposition/appeal …

Who can apply for European patent?

2. A European patent application may be filed by any natural or legal person, or any body equivalent to a legal person by virtue of the law governing it. For the purposes of proceedings before the EPO, the applicant shall be deemed to be entitled to exercise the right to the European patent.

Is a European patent enforceable?

Once your patent has been granted it is enforceable in each of the countries designated, assuming relevant translations have been made and renewal fees paid. Anyone using your invention without your consent in those countries will be infringing the patent.

How do I know if a European patent is validated?

You can see the states that an EP patent has been validated in within PatSnap by navigating to the ‘Legal’ tab for that patent along the left-hand side, then clicking on the ‘Transaction’ tab in the pop-up menu to right. From here you will be able to see if the patent is either in-force or inactive.

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What is the European Patent Office (EPO)?

The EPO is the office responsible for administering this procedure. The EPO is a separate agency from that of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) , which focuses on trademark and design rights in European countries. A patent granted by the EPO (a “European patent”) does not in itself confer pan-European patent protection.

How can I request accelerated prosecution of a European patent application?

To request accelerated prosecution of a European patent application based on an allowable claim at the USPTO or another IP office, visit EPO’s Official Journal December 2019 . The EPO is a WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) participating office.

What is the European Patent Procedure Center (EPC)?

In particular, the EPC allows an applicant to obtain patents throughout most of Europe on the basis of a single European patent application subjected to a single, centralized granting procedure, rather than filing and prosecuting individual applications in each country.

How to obtain broad European protection on the basis of European patents?

Rather, the European patent must be validated separately in each country where the applicant wishes to obtain patent protection. Broad European protection on the basis of a European patent will be possible if the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court