How do I export emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird?

How do I export emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird?

Drag and Drop method to Import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird

  1. Firstly create a new folder in Thunderbird.
  2. Secondly, go to the location where your EML files are stored.
  3. Then, drag the EML files and drop them into the Thunderbird folders.
  4. That’s it. Now all your EML files will get exported into the Thunderbird.

Can I import Windows Live Mail folders to Thunderbird?

Importing Windows Mail Messages Importing Windows Mail (. eml files) into Thunderbird is enabled by the third-party add-on ImportExport Tools. Download and install this add-on to transfer messages from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird.

What email file format does Thunderbird use?

Thunderbird stores your messages in mailbox (“mbox”) files.

How do I import a PST file into Thunderbird?

pst file using File -> Open & Export -> Open Outlook Data file. Import the . pst file and and then import the messages into Thunderbird using Tools -> Import -> Mail.

Can Mailbird import Windows Live Mail?

Mailbird has full import from Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

How do I export mail from Thunderbird?

Standard Method

  1. Launch Thunderbird.
  2. Select your Inbox or another folder.
  3. Select the email you want to export. Or press CTRL+A to select all emails.
  4. Click the menu button to display the Thunderbird menu.
  5. Select Save as > File.
  6. Select the folder where the emails should be saved and click Save.

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

The key difference is where your emails are stored. With POP your emails are downloaded to your device and deleted from the server (unless you change the default settings). With IMAP, emails “reside” on the server and you can easily read and interact with emails from multiple devices.

How do I add import export tools to Thunderbird?

Install “ImportExportTools” Add-On for Thunderbird

  1. Select Tools and click Add-ons from Thunderbird’s menu bar.
  2. Enter ImportExport in the box, Find more extensions, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) on the keyboard.
  3. From the search results, click +Add to Thunderbird.
  4. Click Add to add ImportExportTools NG.

How to import exchange server mailbox to Thunderbird?

Import Exchange to Thunderbird using an Exchange to Thunderbird Migration tool. Now you can backup your Exchange Server Mailbox into Thunderbird so that, you…

How to export Windows Live Mail to exchange?

1) Open Windows Live Mail. 2) Click Menu icon, click Import messages. 3) Select Windows Live Mail and click Next. 4) Click Browse and locate and select the .eml file that contains the exported emails and click OK. 5) Click Next to continue. 6) You may choose Selected folders or All folders for the import, and click Next. 7) Click Finish.

How to export emails from GoDaddy to Thunderbird?

Open Thunderbird.

  • Select the Inbox folder containing the messages you want to export.
  • Select all the messages you want to save. Use Ctrl+A for Windows or Cmd+A for macOS.
  • Select and hold (or right-click) and choose Save selected messages > EML format.
  • Select the folder on your computer where the message will be saved.
  • Select Open.
  • How to export contacts from Windows Live Mail?

    – Select Tools > Windows Contacts from the menu in Windows Mail. – Select Export in the toolbar. – Make sure CSV (Comma Separated Values) is highlighted. – Select Export. – Type a folder name such as “Windows Mail contacts” under the File name . – Click Save and then select Next . – Make sure the address book fields you want to be included are checked. – Click Finish.