How do I get my MSIC?

How do I get my MSIC?

To apply for a 2 year or 4 year MSIC, you’ll need to:

  1. provide evidence of your operational need to hold a MSIC, with a letter of sponsorship from your employer or the port facility.
  2. lodge an application through a MSIC issuing body, and.

How do I renew my MSIC?

How do I renew my MSIC?

  1. Verify your Identity. You will need to show a minimum of three identification documents (one from Category A, B and C).
  2. Lodge your Application. Lodge your application form at 370+ selected Australia Post outlets throughout Australia or at our office in Perth CBD.
  3. Return your expired MSIC.

Where do I return my MSIC card?

If you no longer possess an operational need to hold an MSIC, please return your card to: Veritas, PO Box 7696, Cloisters Square, Western Australia 6850. Veritas will hold your card for a period of 6 months or until the card has expired.

How much is an MSIC card?

Compare the costs

Provider Terminal Access 2 Year and Access Card
Other Provider No From $395 + $17 for photo
1-Stop Yes $510 (plus GST)

How long is a MSIC card valid for?

An MSIC is valid for either 2 years or 4 years depending on which type is purchased. If you purchase a 4 year MSIC, you must report changes to your name and permanent residential address at least 2 years and 30 days prior to the expiry date of your MSIC.

Who needs an MSIC?

Who needs an MSIC? You will need to apply for an MSIC if your occupation or business interests require, or will require you to: access a maritime security zone unmonitored at least once each year or; have a background check, but do not require you to access maritime security zones.

What is a blue MSIC card?

Blue MSIC. A valid blue MSIC must be properly displayed in a maritime security zone of a security regulated port or offshore facility.

What is a maritime security zone?

Maritime security zones are areas within regulated Ports, around and onboard regulated Australian ships which have additional security requirements, as defined by the Maritime Transport Security and Offshore Facilities Act 2003 (the Act). The MSIC will also cover security zones on offshore oil and gas facilities.

What does MSIC stand for?

A Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a nationally recognised security identification card for the maritime industry. It shows that you are cleared to enter and work in maritime security zones of our ports, ships and offshore oil and gas facilities.

How much does it cost to renew MSIC?

You need to make sure that you start the renewal process early enough. We suggest that you begin at around a month before your old MSIC is due to expire. You can’t forget to return your expired MSIC card. If you don’t return it within 30 days, you might have to pay a $1,800 fee.

Do MSIC cards expire?

How long is my MSIC valid? A 2 year Blue MSIC is valid for up to 2 years from the date your application was approved. A 4 year Blue MSIC is valid for up to 4 years from the date your application was approved.

What happens if I lose my MSIC card?

Your MSIC is not transferable and can only be used by you. If your MSIC is lost or stolen, you will need to provide a statutory declaration or police report or other information issued by the police before a replacement card can be issued by an issuing body.