How do I get student housing in Sweden?

How do I get student housing in Sweden?

If you are planning to move to Sweden to study, you can look for a rental flat (hyresrätt) or a tenant-owned flat (bostadsrätt) on the housing market. However, students often prefer to apply for a corridor room (studentkorridor) in a hall of residence (kollegium) or look for a student flat (studentbostad).

How much is student accommodation in Sweden?

Accommodation costs It’s easy to make friends and find people with similar interests. Prices range between 240 – 620 EUR/month. The second option is renting or sharing an apartment. You can pay anywhere between 350 and 700 EUR/month.

How to find student accommodation in Stockholm?

There are several websites that can help you in the search for your new home, such as:

  1. Stockholms Student Bostäder or SSSB is one of the first places you should look when trying to find housing in Stockholm as a student.
  2. Svenska Studenthus is a similar website that offers accommodation to students.

Where is my house in Lund?

Contact the nations The nations in Lund are student organisations that also have some student housing. The procedure to get housing differs between the different nations, so the best thing to do is to contact them and ask. You will find the contact information here.

How much is rent per month in Sweden?


Short-term Price per night
Long-term Rent per month
One-bedroom apartment (city centre) 9000–12,000 SEK
One-bedroom apartment (suburbs) 7000–10,000 SEK
Student dorm/apartment 3000–6500 SEK

Is it expensive to live in Sweden as a student?

Students in Sweden should budget for at least 8,568 SEK per month to cover all of their living costs.

Is Stockholm University free?

The tuition fee covers the course or programme that the student has been admitted to and paid for. For students studying a Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme, the fee normally covers 30 credits per semester. For students studying individual courses, the tuition fee covers the number of credits in the course.

Where should I live in Stockholm?

Where to live in Stockholm

  • Norrmalm (city center) There are normally not so many available apartments here, as it is mainly a working and touristic area with offices and shopping malls around the central station.
  • Östermalm.
  • Vasastan.
  • Gamla Stan.
  • Kungsholmen.
  • Solna/Sundbyberg.
  • Årsta/Älsjö
  • Bromma.

Is Lund expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Lund, Sweden: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,490$ (32,490kr) without rent. Lund is 26.44% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Lund is, on average, 73.48% lower than in New York.

Does Lund University have dorms?

Lund University does not own or run any dorm rooms or other types of student accommodation. Students also find housing in shared apartments, rooms, studio flats or corridor rooms in or around the cities of Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg.