How do I log into my eGSISMO account?

How do I log into my eGSISMO account?

Go to b. Enter your BP Number and your new password. Click Login.

Can I check my GSIS account online?

All active members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) may now access their membership records and statement of loan accounts in the internet via the Electronic GSIS Member Online (eGSISMO) facility.

How can I check my GSIS loan status?

Simply text 4747 and get instant information about your membership, loans, retirement, and many more. Open to all Globe, Smart, Touch Mobile, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. …and send to 4747. (Note: Your GSIS ID number is the 11-digit number located below your name in your GSIS eCard Plus).

How can I get loan from eGSISMO?

Step by Step Procedure on How to apply

  1. Via eGSISMo. Login to your eGSISMO account (BP number and PW)
  2. Via Email. Fill out the Emergency Loan Application Form* and GSIS UMID Card.
  3. Via Dropbox. Fill out the Emergency Loan Application Form* and GSIS UMID Card.
  4. Via GWAPS Kiosk. Go to a GWAPS kiosk nearest you.

What is GSIS eCard Plus?

The eCard Plus or UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose Identification) Card serves as the official GSIS identification card which allows pensioners to transact with GSIS. The card offers the following benefits: Disbursement card to withdraw proceeds of pension and pension loan.

How do I check my GSIS eCard balance online?

Getting Started

  1. Log in to the GSIS website at
  2. Click the Unionbank online banking and inquiry.
  3. Log in to your GSIS eCard account and enter your eCard number and ATM pin.
  4. Start banking online!

What is MPL in GSIS?

Multi-purpose Loan and Consolidation of Debts or MPL will consolidate all the existing loans of a member, except housing loan. GSIS Multipurpose Loan (GSIS MPL) gives borrowers an additional credit line that will help them consolidate and pay their outstanding GSIS loan balances.

What is MPL loan of GSIS?

The MPL program consolidates all GSIS service loans, and those availing it for the first time may enjoy waived surcharges on their outstanding loan balance. This means the program prevents penalties incurred by members for unpaid loans from ballooning and eating up their retirement and other benefits, GSIS said.

Is GSIS GFAL still available?

Macasaet said thee GSIS Financial Assistance Loan (GFAL) program will now run until Dec. 29, 2021 to allow members with loans at other institutions to consolidate and transfer their debt to the GSIS, to avail of longer payment terms and low interest rates.

What are the requirements for emergency loan in GSIS?

To qualify for the emergency loan, the member-applicant must be:

  • a bona fide resident or employee of the government office within the declared calamity area;
  • be in active service and not on leave of absence without pay;
  • has no arrearages in the payment of mandatory social insurance contributions; and.

How can I check my GSIS UMID card online?

What is POS local landbank?

– Point of Sale (POS) facility (debit card) – Access to LBP’s phone banking and retail internet banking facilities. FEATURES OF E-CARD. 1. The E-Card is used as LANDBANK ATM card.