How do I pass IKM assessment?

How do I pass IKM assessment?

How to tackle the multiple choice IKM test

  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. After you have started – read the question and all the options in full before considering the answer.
  4. As a rule, there are most commonly 3 out of 5 answers that are correct.

Can you cheat on IKM test?

Yes, you can.

What is IKM skills based test?

What is an IKM assessment? An online skill and knowledge assessment used for pre-hire candidate screening, pre and post training assessment as well as employee skills audits. It consists of 30 – 50 multiple-choice questions that will take 45 – 60 minuets to complete.

What does IKM test stand for?

International Knowledge Measurement
In 2005, Knowledge Universe relaunched TeckChek as International Knowledge Measurement (IKM).

Is IKM test proctored?

IKM’s online or proctored (supervised) assessments include knowledge measurement tests, skill tests, attitude tests and aptitude tests. The use of IKM Assessment and view results can be easily activated within the Hiring Process within SmartRecruiters.

What is IKM TeckChek?

TeckChek Inc., also known as International Knowledge Measurement (IKM), provides talent solutions that help our clients select the right people for the right job, and develop them to their full potential.

Are IKM assessments proctored?

IKM’s online or proctored (supervised) assessments include knowledge measurement tests, skill tests, attitude tests and aptitude tests.

What is IKM assessment in HCL?

IKM TeckChek is a suite of assessments to provide a powerful, comprehensive and flexible solution for measuring knowledge of IT candidates and employees.

How to prepare for IKM employment assessment test?

Use outlines from Test provider (, SkillsCheck, IKM) and review their sample questions Get a good sleep before the test. Validate your answer with more than one method (i.e. Common sense, Manual Calculations, Use Calculator etc.) Below is the the typical format and requirements for IKM Employment Assessment Test:

How many questions are on the IKM test?

You should expect to have to tackle between 30 and 50 questions; each of these questions takes time to read, and to answer. Why have I been asked to complete an IKM test? It’s useful for our clients to have insight into your technical skills ahead of interview.

What are common interview questions and example answers?

Common interview questions and example answers. Here are several common interview questions to prepare for your next interview, including best practices and examples for answering each: 1. Tell me about yourself. At the beginning of the conversation, your interviewer will likely start out by asking you about yourself.

Does IKM Excel assessment test measure time spent on each question?

However, time spent on each question is being measured and will be compared to the time spent by all other test takers. For some tests, IKM Excel Assessment Test might use adaptive testing methodology in which question difficulty is determined by your previous answers.

Does IKM Test record screen?

Test Taker behavior is tracked and recorded using the Test Taker’s webcam and microphone. Testing abnormalities will be flagged and a report as well as a video of the testing session will be delivered to the Test Administrator along with assessment results.

What is the accounting and Excel Test?

The Accounting and Excel test evaluates a candidate’s ability to measure, process, and communicate the financial information of a business or corporation, as well as the ability to organize and calculate data contained within a spreadsheet.

What is included in the Microsoft Excel Test?

Microsoft Excel – The Microsoft Excel tests measures your competency of simple Excel functions, commands, pivot table, macro creation, filtering, and functions such as SumIf, Vlookup, and concatenate. Additional assessments include Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint.

What is the aim of this Excel Test?

The aim behind it is to test the skill level in excel as it reduces human work and makes it very easy. In this excel test, we provide you with the top 18 frequently asked questions (multiple choice questions) in basic excel.

How many questions are on the Microsoft Excel skill test?

This is also a useful resource for employers to examine the technical Excel knowledge of the candidates during a finance interview or for applicants who want an Excel practice test. If you pass this test with 80% or above (16 questions or more), it is likely that you have pretty solid fundamental knowledge of Excel!