How do I program my Yealink phone?

How do I program my Yealink phone?

From the On-Screen Menu:

  1. Press Menu Softkey.
  2. Select Features.
  3. Select DSS Keys.
  4. Select the Key that you wish to program. Warning: Be careful not to program over a Line, Park or BLF that has been set by the phone system.
  5. Using the Left and Right buttons on the phone, set. Type = SpeedDial.
  6. Press the Save softkey.

How do I manually provision a Yealink phone?

Provisioning Yealink phones manually

  1. Get your Yealink phone’s IP Address.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the phone’s IP address in the Address bar.
  3. Log in to the phone’s Web UI.
  4. Navigate to Account > Register.
  5. Get the provisioning details and input the information to the following fields:
  6. Click Confirm.

What is the default password for Yealink phones?

Open your Internet browser. Navigate to the IP address of the Yealink phone in your browser, and then press ‘Enter’ to search. Enter the username (default: admin) and password (default: admin) on the login page and click ‘Login’.

Is Polycom or yealink better?

Yealink offers one-stop communication solutions for the unified communication markets, with excellent compatibility and interoperability. Polycom offers exceptionally user-friendly communication solutions that are easy to adopt and integrate for a diverse range of companies.

What is the best Yealink phone?

If you’re looking for the best VoIP phone, whatever the price, the Yealink T49G may well be the model for you. This high-end alternative packs in every conceivable feature and function, including both HD voice and video.

What is DND on Yealink phone?

This video demonstrates how to enable and disable the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on a Yealink T46G phone. Do Not Disturb stops your phone from ringing, and sends all your incoming calls directly to voicemail.

How do I connect my Yealink phone to my home network?

Connecting Yealink phones to Wi-Fi

  1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable to enable Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Insert the WF40 USB dongle into the USB port at the back of the phone.
  3. You will be prompted to scan and connect to available Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Select Available Networks, and press OK.

Does 8×8 support Yealink phones?

You can reuse existing Yealink phones with 8×8 service as long as they are a supported model with a valid factory-installed device certificate. It’s crucial that Yealink certificates are factory-installed and not added later. 8×8 supports only the Yealink phone models listed here.

How do I reset my Yealink t23g phone?

Provisioning a Yealink T23P Phone

  1. On the phone, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings. Use admin or the MAC password when prompted for a password.
  2. Select Reset to Factory. The phone should now reset to factory default settings.
  3. Once the phone reboots, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings. Password: admin.